Weekly Recap 4-16-08

The past week has been rather exciting for the IdeaStorm team. With the completion of our idea management pilot, we've engaged in several great discussions with business leaders about how learn from, and engage with, the IdeaStorm community.

Also, seven of the all-time highest voted ideas on IdeaStorm received a status update from two of our experts on Linux and software.

Jeremy_f filled in the community on the latest software options (There should be an option of having no trialware on all computers | No extra software option) and security enhancements (Child-friendly environment to protect parent's files).

John_h gave a lot of great insight on several hot Linux topics – hardware compatibility (Provide Linux compatibility information on all products up front), drivers (Make XP Linux drivers available for all model even if only Vista is preinstalled), and expanding our scope (Become the OpenSource OEMStripped down fast Linux_Box). Also john_h, along with matt_d, talked with Todd Weiss of Computerworld about Dell's Linux program.

And, if you didn't see the post already, we had a new Idea in Action this week for Small and Medium Business. Also, when you get a chance, check out their new blog that kelly_c manages.

Until next week–

About the Author: Kara Krautter