Weekly Recap: 4-2-08

You may have noticed that last week was fairly quiet on IdeaStorm. No, we weren't avoiding you. Instead, the team was busy launching the pilot for our new idea management program. With this new program, we have a more efficient and effective way to push the top ideas to the right departments inside of Dell. Now, not just the ideas on the front page will be reviewed by Dell, but more of the popular ideas throughout all categories will have greater visibility. 

Today we've added a few new features to the site including a link to Storm Room and a way to directly contact our moderator, Jackie. At the top of the IdeaStorm page, you will find links to important information about the site as well as ways to keep in touch with the IdeaStorm team. If you have a pressing issue or question about how to use the site, registration or your account, click on the ‘contact moderator' link to get in touch with Jackie. Also, the link name for our moderator's blog has changed since there are many ways you can 'talk with the moderator' via: comments on the blog, Storm Room or email. As a reminder, the moderator's blog is the place to get the latest on important site information, updates, and maintenance.

IdeaStorm continues to be in the news as more companies begin to see the value in listening to customers, and the Web 2.0 community continues to chat about driving business innovation.

About the Author: Kara Krautter