Weekly Recap 6-10-08

Update from Lionel: This post was supposed to appear only in the Ideas in Action category. However, the functionality to post only in a category is still not working properly. We are working to fix this issue, but since it will take some time, I posted this on the main Direct2Dell homepage. My apologies for the inconvenience.

Stormers – Thanks for the patience with the Ideas in Action glitch.  Here is the mega update I promised.


This has been a busy couple of weeks!  We had almost 250 ideas submitted and more than 225 new IdeaStorm users in the past two weeks.  It’s great to see Dave (davmcn) and Petzy again in StormRoom and badblood back on the site!  A special welcome to a few new IdeaStormers natakuc4, idangold and inkslug!

Gaining Momentum:

If you Stormers out there have not taken the time to review these growing ideas… you might want to take a look!

Hotswappable Laptop Batteries

No more plastic wrap please


So you guys have impressed me, again!  Not only is Dell listening, but now Wal-Mart is listening too!  Recently they announced upcoming changes in their retail displays for customers.   The ongoing discussion about power cords continues to drive a lot of conversation; you should take a look if you haven’t already.  If you are feeling creative, (and want to lend your thoughts) please join the brainstorm on both desk level monitors and hygienic keyboards.  All the chatter on ideas about using less plastic in computers has kept todd_d quite busy.

The Inspiron Mini has been a topic of much debate and interest.  The Gizmodo post started a flurry of new ideas below.  We have shared all of this feedback with the design team and will share more info as we have it.

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