Weekly Recap: Dell in the News – March 2nd edition

 Welcome to the latest edition of the Weekly Recap, your guide to the week's Dell-related news and happenings. 

Story of the Week

Dell Isn't Really A PC Company, Michael Dell Says Forbes – February 27, 2012
Dell Chief Executive Michael Dell distanced the company he founded from the slow-growing, low-margin PC business as he announced a new portfolio of servers and services at an event in San Francisco Monday.

Other Dell News

Three Social Media Lessons from Dell: It's Not All About Sales Social Media Today – February 29, 2012
Opened with much fanfare in December 2010, the Social Media Listening Command Center inside the Dell campus in Round Rock, Texas, of which I received a personalized tour last week, provided for an interesting peek inside the social media operations of one of the largest technology companies in the world.

Geekfight! Dell Grabs Share, Talks Smack, As Server Market Slumps Forbes – February 28, 2012
Dell’s worldwide server sales grew by 7.3% during the fourth-quarter of 2011 as the broader server market fell 5.4% from the year ago quarter, tech tracker Gartner reported Tuesday.

Dell sees more double-digit growth in China Reuters – February 28, 2012
"My expectation is we'll continue to strive to be a leader in China," Stephen J. Felice, who is also one of three presidents at Dell, said in a meeting with reporters. "We want to continue to have double-digit growth."

Hungry Dell iron monsters FEAST on your puny apps The Register – February 28, 2012
Dell is adding Micron-based Express Flash to its servers and will feed the server flash beast from Compellent arrays.

 Dell's New XPS 13 A Skinny Winner Forbes – February 28, 2012
I’ve had this Dell – the XPS M1210 – since 2004. Why did I keep it so long? It never crashed. It survived a 6-oz glass of club soda spilled into its guts on an airplane, suffered drops on the floor, peanut butter on its keys, salsa in between its keys, sneezes onto its screen, and still it kept right on workin’.

 Dell's Force 10 VNA plan: Become a 'network VMware' IT World Canada – February 28, 2012
Six months after acquiring Force 10 Networks, the company discusses how its Virtual Network Architecture will increase the competition with Cisco and place a new emphasis on "workload-aware" networking.

 Would You Rather Swim With Dolphins or Sharks? Open Forum – February 27, 2012
Several women willingly jumped into a dolphin tank last June at an event for women entrepreneurs in Rio de Janeiro. Participants at the Dell Women’s Entrepreneurial Network (DWEN) learned something from the exercise about an approach to finding funding.

 Dell Simplifies Sharing, Management and Retention of Medical Imaging Data for UK Hospitals DotMed News – February 27, 2012
Dell is bringing its Unified Clinical Archiving (UCA) solution to the United Kingdom to help hospital clinicians simplify how they manage and share medical images between disparate Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS) used in radiology, cardiology, neurosurgery, endoscopy, mammography and digital pathology, and manage the proliferation of imaging data in patient care.

Why I Like the Dell XPS 13 PCMag.com – February 27, 2012
I wanted to withhold my impressions of the Dell XPS 13 until I had used it for a while in the field, but since everyone seems so hurried to review it, I want to throw in my two cents before it becomes old news. You see, I am the type of road warrior who seriously uses such an ultrabook when I travel.

The Big Data Behind the Red Carpet Forbes – February 24, 2012
Creating, analyzing, storing and accessing enormous amounts of digital data is a pressing issue for many organizations, and solving it can land some of them on the red carpet. One such data-creating and data-crunching superstar is Pixomondo, a VFX-studio that is an Academy Award nominee for visual effects in “Hugo.”

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Industry Quotes & Insight

“The important point to make is the continuity of Dell’s investment in the channel. The enterprise market is our focus area with the channel. We are still building our business with partners and we are keen for them to invest more in their relationship with Dell.” – Kathy Schneider, Director of Channel Marketing and Programs, Dell EMEA

“The population growth in emerging markets is going to fuel tech growth for the next 10-20 years in much faster ways than in the developed parts." – Steve Felice, President and Chief Commercial Officer, Dell

“When we first saw it at CES in January, we noted the elegance of the design and the lightweight yet sturdy construction. Now that we’ve finally got it in the labs, there’s no doubt that this is among the better ultrabook designs we’ve come across so far.” Brian Westover, PC Mag  

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