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Welcome to the latest edition of the Weekly Recap, your guide to the week's Dell-related news and happenings. 

Story of the Week

Dell NYC Solution Center Open for IT Business eWeek – May 10, 2012
Ever since 2007, when it plunked down more than $1 billion to buy storage provider EqualLogic, Dell has tried to move away from being a one-dimensional PC maker to become a full-fledged IT service provider in the mold of IBM and the company’s main rival, Hewlett-Packard.

Other Dell News

Dell completes SonicWall acquisition CRN – May 10, 2012
Dell has finalised its acquisition of SonicWall, a move that adds network security, secure remote access, e-mail security, backup/recovery, and management/reporting to its enterprise and SMB offerings.

CloudStore – the pathway to improving SME participation Business Cloud News – May 9, 2012
Alan Mac Neela, the UK Government Director for Dell, discusses how to improve SME engagement in the delivery of the Government’s ICT strategy, and how consortia can support this as well as enhancing partnerships between large vendors and SMEs.

Opinion: Information is the lifeblood of healthcare Computing – May 9, 2012
It’s rare that a day goes by with­out a story about healthcare problems somewhere in the world. UK and Canadian citizens face longer waiting times for specialised services.

When the Devices Are Done Wall Street Journal – May 8, 2012
It is time for spring cleaning, or as I think of it, my yearly chance to shove old technology products to the back of my storage closet. Instead, this should be a chance to take advantage of companies' stepped-up recycling efforts.

Dell announces PowerEdge C5220 server with Intel Ivy Bridge chips TechWorld – May 8, 2012
Dell has announced a new microserver, the PowerEdge C5220, with Intel's first Xeon server processors based on the Ivy Bridge microarchitecture, which has not been officially announced by the chip maker yet.

Red Hat, Dell announce OEM partnership Network World – May 8, 2012
The announcement Tuesday of a new partnership between Dell and Red Hat could mark a further expansion of open-source software use in the enterprise.

Dell Delivers Desktop-as-a-Service Information Week – May 7, 2012
Dell will be at Citrix Systems' Synergy user group conference in San Francisco this week, talking about its ability to deliver virtual desktops in partnership with VMware and Citrix Systems. No surprises there. More surprising, however, is its partnership with a younger and smaller company, Desktone.

Dell tests open-source laptop for developers GigaOM – May 7, 2012
What is it that web developers want? That’s what Dell is trying to find out with its just-launched Project Sputnik, an “experimental” laptop bundled with Ubuntu Linux plus utilities, and with an easy on-ramp to github repositories coming soon.

Dell Launches Social Media Training for B2B Channel Partners Social Media B2B – May 7, 2012
Dell recently launched a social media training program for its B2B channel partners “to help our partners fully leverage social media tools to improve the lines of communication while elevating their own marketing efforts.”

Your Next Gadget Might Be Packaged in … Mushrooms? Mashable – May 4, 2012
Dell has offered environmentally-friendly bamboo-based packaging since 2009, but is now experimenting with an even faster renewable — mushroom. The manufacturer is currently running a high-volume pilot scheme with a Fortune 50 company to supply the Dell PowerEdge R710 server multipacks safely encased in packaging that has been grown, rather than manufactured.

Virtualization is the new healthcare reality EHR Intelligence – May 3, 2012
A major roadblock in the way of getting doctors and nurses to adopt novel health information technology (HIT) solutions stems from their belief that using HIT may distract them from their primary goal, to provide patients with quality healthcare.

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Industry Quotes & Insight

“It goes back to when Michael Dell came back as the CEO and we rewrote our strategy. Services became a bigger priority. There are two threads. One is the turnaround that we have seen in the PC and hardware business. The other is the transformation into the solutions business, which takes a long time.” – Steve Schuckenbrock, president, Dell Services

“Dell offers an end to-end solution service set around everything from the network to the cloud and content…It’s a little-known fact that Dell is the No. 1 infrastructure provider for the public cloud today.” – Laurie Hutto-Hill, AVP and general manager, Telecommunications Media & Entertainment

“About $13 billion of our commercial revenue comes through the channel. With 120,000 registered partners in 140 countries, we are focused on being easy to work with for competent and capable channel partners.” – Greg Davis, vice president of global commercial channels, Dell

“Sputnik is part of an effort by Dell to better understand and serve the needs of developers in web companies. We want to finds ways to make the developer experience as powerful and simple as possible.” – Barton George,  Dell cloud computing group evangelist 

“Creatives and businesses can now choose Dell desktops available with Intel's 3rd generation quad-core processors, delivering the performance they crave to pursue their professional passions…At the same time, we're enhancing our Inspiron line-up to give multimedia buffs optimized audio and more features for an improved entertainment experience." – Sam Burd, vice president and general manager of product development for Dell

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