What do a Snowman and ZeroIMPACT migrations have in common?

For more than a decade, we’ve been engaged in a blizzard of marketing around ZeroIMPACT Migrations.  It began at Aelita in 2001 and then continued after Quest’s acquisition of the same.  However, as we learned more and more about the cold, hard costs and risks associated with a migration, we became keenly aware that we were providing only one piece of the project. It was as if we were providing only the head of a snowman; still missing the bottom two sections – services and hardware.  That is to say, we learned:

  1. Customers needed expert services to serve as the foundation of the project because migrations are infrequent and risky – requiring specialized knowledge.  Over time, Quest grew a sizable and skilled services team as well as a bevy of migration partners to help customers complete the migration.
  2. Customers oftentimes needed new hardware for the greenfield (odd name for a blog that references winter, but it is what it is) environment.Snowman - Software, Hardware, Services?

Now that Dell has acquired Quest, we are confident that we can get our customers even closer to a ZeroIMPACT Migration.  With Dell, our customers can now partner with a SINGLE vendor to enjoy the winter’s majesty as well as mitigate the risk associated with a migration – to Windows Server, Exchange or SharePoint.   With the new Dell solutions, customer can get the WHOLE snowman:

  1. Software to perform the migration, regardless if you are moving to an on-premises environment, to the cloud or deploying in a hybrid mode
  2. Hardware to support the new MS platform (which may be part of a converged infrastructure project, for example),
  3. A sizable services team to scope out and assist with the migration project

 …all to ensure your project is completed on time, on budget with minimal disruption to your business – and that has always been the essence of a truly ZeroIMPACT migration.

If you would like to learn more about Migrations (and snowmen) from some of the best in the business, please check out our upcoming migration day on Dec 6 beginning at 10 am EST.  This virtual event will give you the opportunity to engage directly with the migration experts at Dell – along with some of our finest migration partners – to find out how to take the stress out of your next migration project.   While you can attend the event to just learn more about Migration, you should also spend some time at the Dell virtual booth to learn just how Dell can bring you the whole snowman…corn cob pipe and all!  See you there!

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About the Author: Bill Evans