When Nanoseconds matter, Dell delivers with Dell Processor Acceleration Technology

Dell Processor Acceleration Technology is a unique-to-Dell innovation that enables High Frequency Trading customers to increase their processor performance (frequency) from 13 to 31 percent while drastically reducing jitter in their applications. 

The demand for this technology was fueled by a need we were hearing from our algorithmic trading customers, who have a unique set of requirements for their business environments. Now, by using Dell Processor Acceleration Technology, these customers can get more performance out of their Dell solutions. In our external beta testing of this new capability, one IT Director in  Chicago at a large algorithmic trading firm reported an improvement in its application performance by  approximately 10 percent over the previous test unit – just by updating the existing server to the new firmware.

Our latest patent-pending enterprise advancement meets our customers’ requirements and unleashes the potential of current select PowerEdge 12th generation servers.

"The Dell Processor Acceleration Technology is a double win,” said Peter Harris, president of A-Team Group Americas. “It not only provides the kind of performance boost required to underpin more profitable algorithmic trading, but it is also fast and easy to install on existing server hardware, allowing trading firms to leverage it without costly and time consuming hardware upgrades and software code changes."

This dramatic improvement is surprisingly easy to implement and use. Any existing customer around the world with a PowerEdge R620, R720 or R720xd with the Intel E5-2690 processor can just download a BIOS update, at no additional cost, and apply it like any other standard Dell update, with no restrictions to the run time of the server or any reduction in the warranty. This solution is designed to work with all supported operating systems for PowerEdge 12th generation servers and also supports Dell’s agent-free OpenManage Essentials monitoring solutions. Customers may also pre-install other high performance components to the servers from the factory in tandem with this technology, including low latency network cards, high performance memory, and hot swappable front facing PCIe SSD storage for a truly complete low-latency solution from Dell.

This is another example of Dell customers inspiring our product innovation; we continue to enable meaningful customer results with solutions like Dell’s Processor Acceleration Technology. Please view this video from Brian Payne, executive director of PowerEdge platforms, to learn more about this new capability.

About the Author: Bob Barris