Windows 7 Hooks You Up

Mobility is a necessity in today's fast-moving, high tech world.  Whether I'm moving between my kitchen table and my home office or traveling across the country, I need the flexibility to access not only the Web but also my personal information stored elsewhere in files and folders. 

Dell has worked closely with Microsoft throughout the development process to continuously improve the performance of wireless connectivity reducing the time to locate and connect to a network.  Simple.

One of the reasons I'm excited about Windows 7 is that it makes it easier than ever to go mobile, especially with our broad range of wireless offerings. Windows 7 HomeGroup automatically looks for and identifies local networks, then makes it easy to join a group or set up your own HomeGroup. Not only are the HomeGroup computers linked but the stored information and printers are linked, too.  If I want to print a picture or file from the living room but the only printer is in my office?  My HomeGroup network lets me use the printer in the office from any PC in the network.  Efficient sharing is finally here!  

Since I use my PC for work, I appreciate that Windows 7 now includes DirectAccess, a new feature that enables me to more securely connect to my corporate network environment over any internet connection – without having to use virtual private networking (VPN) to access a work application, network folder, intranet site or SharePoint site. 

Dell Remote Access is another cool feature that simplifies my digital life when it comes to sharing and accessing files when I am away from home. It makes the PC the center of your internet world!  I can play my music, watch movies, view slideshows, read and edit important documents. All I have to do is log into my Remote Access account from anywhere Internet access is available.  

Say I meet a friend for coffee and tell her about my recent trip.  All my pictures are stored on my home PC.  I can use my Dell Remote Access account (as long as I have broadband connection and other minimum system requirements) to remotely access my photos!

My friend loves the pictures and wants copies.  With Remote Access, I can share the folder immediately and she can bring up the pictures on her PC while we continue to talk. We can send other friends a link so they, too, can see those great pics from my vacation.

Simplicity in connectivity – another reason to love your Dell Windows 7 PC.

About the Author: Hari Ganti