Winners Announced in the ReGeneration/Facebook Graffiti Contest

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As I blogged earlier this week, the 150 entries with the most votes in the Facebook/ReGeneration Graffiti Contest moved on to Graffiti's panel of judges (which are independent from Dell Inc. or to decide upon the winners in each category.  The top 150 entries showcased were displayed in the order of number of votes they received from the Facebook community.  We heard back from the judges today, and the winners have been announced on  These winners were chosen solely on their own merits, and as it turned out, they were all among the top vote-getters in the final 150.  With over 1,000,000 votes entered, you tend to get some pretty fantastic results!  In fact, the Overall Winner also happened to be the entry with the most thumbs up votes.

Here are the winners in each category:

Best Overall

Sarwar Z. Khan (Montreal, QC Canada)

Most Creative

Mysha Mys Yoosuf (Maldives)

Best Landscape

Lisa Guo (Coral Gables FL, United States)

Best Use of Animal Life

Christian Strömqvist (Sweden)

Best Use of Plant Life

 Rose Peng (Atlanta GA, United States)

Most Inspiring

John Calder (Kelowna BC, Canada)

Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you again to everyone who participated.  From the amount of time, energy, and care these artists put into their entries, it became clear that not only was this a contest for them, but also a cause that they truly believed in.

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