XPS 700 Motherboard Exchange: What to Expect

As most of you know, the XPS 700 Exchange Program is coming tomorrow. Thanks to all of our XPS 700 and 710 customers who have stuck with us through the journey since last year.

 Update, 8/13:  The link for the XPS 700 Exchange Program is now live:

Before we launch, wanted to give you an idea of how the program will work. I'm also working on a subsequent blog post to answer some of the common questions I'm getting from comments and direct e-mails from customers. It will be coming soon. One of the most prevalent ones is when these motherboards will ship. The short answer is that it will take about three weeks from the time you submit your order to when you will receive the hardware kit. Processes and timelines may vary by region, but three weeks is a pretty good estimate.

When the site goes live, I'll include the link in a new post, and will update all XPS 700 Exchange program posts with the link as well. After the site launches, you can go there any time between now and October 13, 2007 to choose the options that you prefer and submit your order.

Here's a flowchart that outlines the process in more detail. Click on the image below for a larger version.


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