XPS 730: You Voted for It

Last year the XPS team asked the IdeaStorm community to help choose the look of a clear side panel for a future gaming desktop system.

   Concept 1                                                     Concept 2 – WINNER

                                               Concept 1               
   Concept 2

Of the two choices, the community made it clear which option they wanted most. This feedback from the Dell community helped the XPS team finalize the look for the XPS 730, launched today.

IdeaStorm users eaglewonj and rrf985 liked the second concept best since kept true to the XPS branding and more than 760 other users voted for the concept as well.

For more details on the XPS 730, check out the post from Anne Camden on our newest blog focusing on personal technology www.direct2dell.com/yourblog. Anne's post also includes vlogs on H2C cooling, overclocking and a system overview.

A big thanks goes out to all the IdeaStorm users who voted on these ideas and all the other great suggestions on the site. We continue to listen to what you have to say and look forward to putting even more ideas into action.

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