XtremIO X2: Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better!

Last year we announced XtremIO X2 which builds upon the incredibly successful X1 platform with its unique content-aware, metadata-centric architecture and integrated copy data management (iCDM) capabilities. X2 brings new levels of efficiency, agility and performance including: 25 percent on average better data reduction1; 80 percent better response times and support for up to 40 percent more concurrent users for VDI2; 2x faster3 VMware storage operations; and this does not even cover it all.

Dell EMC XtremIO

This year, we have expanded upon the enterprise capabilities of this market-leading purpose-built All-Flash array, announcing new features to make it possible for customers to experience the power of XtremIO at a price point never seen before.

Data Replication – Made Efficient

Data is at the core of all businesses. Fast access is essential for delivering services and remaining competitive. However, you don’t need to waste resources, time and bandwidth replicating data that you already have! XIOS 6.1 introduces XtremIO metadata-aware replication, which is unlike anything else in the industry. It has been architected to only send compressed, unique data (after deduplication) to the remote site, minimizing WAN bandwidth. Duplicate blocks that already exist on the target site will never be transferred across the network.

This highly efficient approach towards replication, along with zero trimming and write-folding, significantly reduces WAN bandwidth usage by up to 75 percent4. Additionally, this unique capability of X2 replication allows replication of heavy workloads without compromising RPOs.

Let’s not forget the impact on the DR site. XtremIO replication also supports fan-in and fan-out configurations for different consistency groups to easily implement a central-site DR architecture. Primary sites are globally deduped against each other at the target site. With less data being replicated and a 4-to-1 fan-in architecture, overall storage capacity requirements (primary sites and target site) are reduced by up to 38 percent5. Those savings are in addition to compression and dedupe.

Data Replication – Made Easy

XtremIO replication offers operational simplicity by leveraging XtremIO’s unique in-memory snapshots (XVCs) delivering full operational recovery for disaster situations.  Also, replication is configured with a new step-by-step protection wizard, simplifying management.

The wizard walks administrators through the entire process, from setting up the source, target and setting up replication and retention policies (for minutes, hours and days). Then simply review and start protecting. It’s just that easy!

Performance ‑ Always Consistent

X2 replication, like all other XtremIO data services, has minimal impact on overall system performance and response time.  At no point is there a need to disable replication or any other data service in order to allow another data service to run.

Enterprise Capabilities at Mid-range Prices

A new, lower-priced XtremIO X2 model has been added to the XtremIO family. Designed with XtremIO’s unique metadata-centric architecture with full data services including inline data reduction (in-memory space efficient copies, deduplication, and compression), and enterprise-grade availability, the new entry model X2 offers the enterprise capabilities companies demand starting at midrange prices. This model is perfect for customers requiring a single X-Brick with small capacity and limited growth plans but who still require high-performance with low latency. It scales from 34.5TB raw up to 69.1TB raw or 369TB effective capacity (6:1 storage efficiency). This model provides a 55 percent lower entry point for X2 versus X16.

Nothing Says it Better

XtremIO X2 provides consistent high performance, incredible efficiency and more protection – now at a lower price point. But don’t take our word for it, hear what our customers have to say! You also won’t want to miss the new report in Storage Review report about XtremIO’s new native replication capabilities.

Our channel partners are also especially bullish on the new entry model X2. According to C.R. Howdyshell, president of Dell EMC partner Rolta AdvizeX based in Ohio:

“I’m excited about the potential to service even more customer workloads with the lowered entry point model of the X2. I believe this is a significant opportunity for AdvizeX and Dell EMC.  Now more of our customers will be able to enjoy the game-changing performance and efficiency of the XtremIO platform.”

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About the Author: Dan Inbar

Dan has over 20 years of experience in managing technology companies. Before joining EMC in 2016, he served as CEO of N-trig until its acquisition by Microsoft. Prior to this, Dan served ten years at SanDisk and M-Systems in a number of key positions, including General Manager of SanDisk Israel. He has also held marketing and management positions with e-Mobilis, Top Image Systems Ltd. and NICE Systems Ltd. Dan holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, and a master’s degree in Business Administration from Institut Europeacuteen d’Administration des Affairs (INSEAD), France.