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For those of you Tweet-ers out there, #CharityTuesday is nothing new. It’s something that gained traction in Twitter within hours of Lovebox’s introduction in 2009.  It’s a day to drive awareness around acts of charity around the world.   It’s a time and place to share inspiring stories and to encourage others to join in.

Starting today, we’re going to bring you stories that come out of our charitable giving efforts.  Technology can be and is being used for a lot of Good around the world, and we hope you will enjoy these stories from our employees, from our customers and from you, if you’d like to share.  

So I’ll start… 

A few weeks ago, I traveled to India to host some social media trainings and an Unconference with Dell team members in India.  While I was there, I had the opportunity to visit one of the Dell YouthConnect partner organizations, Christel House India, located outside Bangalore.  Christel House’s vision is to help local underprivileged children break the cycle of poverty, realize their hopes and dreams, and become self-sufficient, contributing members of society.

We spent the day touring the facilities, meeting students, watching their amazing presentations and participating in the Dell YouthConnect Math Olympics!  The students were extremely sharp, polite and very motivated.  I don’t think we saw a single child without a giant smile on their face.  The below video tells the story best:

As you can see from the video, the contrast between the nurturing, supportive Christel House and the students’ home life is startling.  These bright, energetic students go home each day to very little access to water, food and other basic essentials of life.   Thanks to this incredible partnership with Christel House, these students have healthcare, regular meals, a very safe and nurturing environment and a real chance at a bright future.   Many have hopes of working at a tech company like Dell one day. 

This was an extremely emotional experience for me.  I was truly touched by my visit to this amazing school and proud of the work being done there.  I hope this story evokes some emotion in you as well.   

Tune in next week for more Good stories.  Same time, same place.

Dell YouthConnect is Dell’s signature giving program designed to prepare young people for success in life, school and work through technology.

About the Author: Carly Tatum