• Dell APEX Cloud Platform for RED HAT OPENSHIFT

    Transform your Red Hat OpenShift experience on-premises

    Optimize your infrastructure modernization strategy with the only application delivery platform purpose-built for OpenShift.

    Intel® Innovation Built-in

      • Built for your multicloud future

        Dell APEX Cloud Platform for Red Hat OpenShift provides faster time to value, simplifies operations, and ensures a more secure environment, enabling rapid development and deployment of revenue generating apps.

      • 90%Faster deployment time1

      • 90%Faster upgrades2

      • Simplify deployment and operations

        Focus more on apps and less on managing OpenShift on-premises with consistent, automated operations and accelerated app delivery.

      • Accelerate app delivery

        Deploy OpenShift 90% faster to accelerate time to value while moving apps and data seamlessly across on-premises and cloud environments.

      • Optimize workload placement

        Align workload placement with performance and support container and virtual machine workloads with broad configurations and GPU support for the industry's leading application platform.

    • Analyst Perspectives

    • Simplify on-premises infrastructure for containers

      A turnkey infrastructure designed to transform OpenShift on-premises.

    • Jumpstart your next AI innovation

      Deploy a comprehensive AI solution quickly with Red Hat OpenShift AI.

    • Optimizing your cloud-native future

      Hear from the leaders of Dell Technologies and Red Hat discuss delivering a purpose-built platform for Red Hat OpenShift

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      Reduce cost, complexity, and eliminate the overhead of a hypervisor with a bare-metal OpenShift implementation.

    • Build your multicloud future on OpenShift with Dell and Red Hat

      Explore how Dell and Red Hat have jointly engineered an application delivery platform built for the containerized wave of IT transformation.

    • More solutions for Dell APEX Cloud Platforms

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      Together with Red Hat, Dell Technologies enables your organization to reduce complexity while promoting security and stability.