Transforming event experiences with cutting-edge, AI-powered infrastructure

    • CustomerThe Kraft Group


      LocationUnited States

    • Vision

      The Kraft Group, a holding company for sports and entertainment ventures, found their growing business operations hindered by outdated IT systems.

    • Solution

      To overcome this challenge, The Kraft Group worked with Dell Technologies to create a modern and efficient IT infrastructure that could keep pace with their rapidly expanding business. 

    • Impact

      By using Dell servers, storage, and networking solutions, The Kraft Group was able to reduce IT costs, improve employee and customer experiences, and advance sustainability goals.

    • Michael Israel, CIO, The Kraft Group

      "Our investment in technology allows us to provide real-time data [and] information to our management team, which allows them to be ultra-competitive [and] focused."

    • Business Results

    • Improving Fan Experience with Edge Solutions (2:20)

    • AI-Enhanced Interactive Mobile Experiences with PowerStore (1:05)

    • Standardizing Data Protection Across All Kraft Group Businesses (0:46)

    • Download Case Study

      Simplified Data Protection with Dell Solutions

    • Improved Event Experiences Backed by PowerScale & PowerEdge (0:51)

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