• We’re helping McLaren make decisions better, faster, everywhere.

    Dell Technologies is partnering with the McLaren Technology Group to maximize speed and agility across their organisation. From faster data insights and faster speed to market, to faster data-enabled cycles of innovation that create better data-driven design and decision-making in a world where technology powers human progress.


    The high-speed pursuit of perfection

    McLaren Racing knows that the fearless pursuit of perfection is the key to winning. Dell Technologies helps McLaren design, prototype, and develop race car systems more rapidly and more efficiently, as well as deploy complex simulation tools so the drivers and the team know exactly how to be ready on race day.

    McLAREN esports

    Giving everyone the chance to become the next McLaren motorsport talent

    McLaren’s Shadow Project competition was created to identify raw, racing talent amongst gamers of any level and giving them a career in Formula 1 racing simulators built on Dell Technologies infrastructure. The goal? Enable human progress by democratizing motorsport for everyone through the medium of esports.