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      June 02, 2020

      Dell Technologies Shifts AI Adoption into the Fast Lane with Simplified Advanced Computing

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    • Dell Technologies is the first to deliver the latest virtualization capabilities for AI and advanced computing in VMware environments 
    • New Dell EMC Ready Solutions based on VMware Validated Designs combine Dell EMC systems with VMware Cloud Foundation to speed deployment and management of AI projects through the new Bitfusion feature in VMware vSphere 7
    • Dell EMC Ready Solution shown to deliver up to 18 times faster AI model development and estimated return on investment up to 111%.1
    • New systems management features and Dell Technologies On Demand consumption simplify IT supporting AI workloads

  • ROUND ROCK, Texas – June 02, 2020 —  

    Dell Technologies (NYSE:DELL) is the first IT company to embrace innovation that helps businesses run powerful artificial intelligence (AI) workloads in VMware environments. Designed to make AI easier to deploy and consume, new Dell EMC Ready Solutions based on VMware Cloud Foundation help companies gain AI insights with the combination of Dell EMC systems and new features of VMware vSphere 7, including Bitfusion.   

    “Artificial intelligence is a game changer, but our customers tell us they’re lagging behind in adoption because they’re dealing with skills and infrastructure gaps,” said Tom Burns, senior vice president, Integrated Products & Solutions, Dell Technologies. “We’re bringing together the power of Dell Technologies to help customers simplify the process of running AI workloads at scale in their familiar VMware environments.”

    Two new Dell EMC Ready Solutions—backed by global services and delivered through Dell Technologies On Demand flexible consumption—help companies get systems into production quickly and economically. With close IT integration, Dell Technologies is innovating to help customers speed AI adoption, so they can meet business pressures to digitally transform faster.


    Dell EMC Ready Solutions for AI: GPU-as-a-Service frees up accelerator access

    Co-processors like graphics processing units (GPUs) are typically trapped in individual workstations or servers and often underutilized, sometimes at less than 15% of capacity. The Dell EMC Ready Solutions for AI: GPU-as-a-Service deliver two different designs to create virtual GPU pools to make better use of these valuable resources.

    The newest design includes the latest VMware vSphere 7 with Bitfusion, which VMware announced today and makes it possible to virtualize GPUs on premises. Factory-installed by Dell’s flexible supply chain, VMware vSphere 7 in combination with Bitfusion lets developers and data scientists pool their powerful IT resources and share them across data centers. This helps increase utilization rates by providing self-service access to the right resource for the right workload at the right time.  

    Dell EMC Ready Solutions for AI: GPUaaS also uses the latest VMware Cloud Foundation with VMware vSphere 7 support for Kubernetes and containerized applications to run AI workloads anywhere. Containers make it easier to bring cloud-native applications into production with the ability to move workloads as needed to make the most of hybrid clouds.

    Dell EMC Ready Solutions for Virtualized HPC speed time from testing to operations

    Most HPC workloads run on dedicated systems that require specialized skills to deploy and manage. These Dell EMC Ready Solutions for Virtualized HPC (vHPC) architectures can include VMware Cloud Foundation with VMware vSphere 7 featuring Bitfusion, making it simpler and more economical to use VMware environments for demanding HPC and AI applications in computational chemistry, bioinformatics and computer-aided engineering.

    For very large HPC implementations, the Dell EMC Ready Solutions for vHPC provide an option to include VMware vSphere Scale-Out Edition for additional cost savings. 

    With the ability to virtualize HPC and AI operations with VMware, IT teams can quickly provision hardware as needed, speed up initial deployment and configuration, and save time with simpler centralized management and security. According to Forrester Consulting, Dell EMC Ready Solutions for vHPC can deliver up to 18 times faster AI model development—reducing the time from months to days. It also delivers up to 20% faster hardware configuration and integration than self-installation and an estimated return on investment up to 111%.1


    Dell EMC OpenManage software advances systems management

    The Dell EMC OpenManage systems management software, included with PowerEdge servers in these new Ready Solutions, helps AI and advanced computing administrators improve system uptime, keep data insights flowing and prepare for AI-enabled operations. New OpenManage advancements include:

    • OpenManage Integration for VMware vCenter, supporting vSphere Lifecycle Manager, automates software, driver and firmware updates holistically to save time and simplify operations.
    • The enhanced OpenManage Mobile app gives administrators the ability to view power and thermal policies, perform emergency power reduction and monitor internal storage from anywhere in the world.


    Dell Technologies On Demand delivers flexible consumption options

    Dell Technologies On Demand helps customers adjust costs for these new AI and advanced computing solutions based on usage. The program features flexible payment options to match utilization and provides overflow capacity for scaling up or down as needed.


    Additional quotes

    Maurizio Davini, CTO, University of Pisa

    “Dell Technologies, with its broad portfolio, has given us a flexible solution for enterprise workloads, VDI, remote workstations, scientific computing, HPC and more. It’s a one stop shop for exactly what we need, when we need it.”

    Robert Walden, CIO, Epsilon

    “In order to provide our customers personalized marketing content, we needed a flexible, reliable, and scalable infrastructure to run AI workloads. Working with Dell Technologies helps us design solutions for our customers to deliver individualized experiences at scale and make their interactions personal and purposeful.”

    Frank Gens, chief analyst, IDC

    “It's hard to overstate the importance and the impact that artificial intelligence will have on enterprises' ability to create new products and services, add new customers, and new ways of operating in the coming decades. By 2025, we expect to see enterprises using AI-enabled and AI-led apps to gain competitive advantage from shorter reaction times, greater success with product innovation, and improved customer satisfaction."


    • The Dell EMC Ready Solutions for AI: GPUaaS and Dell EMC Ready Solutions for Virtualized HPC are available globally now.
    • Factory installation of VMware vSphere with BitFusion will be available globally on Dell EMC PowerEdge servers in July 2020.

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    1 The Total Economic Impact of the Dell EMC Ready Solutions for HPC, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Dell and Intel. April 2020

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