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      February 21, 2024

      Dell Technologies Telecom Solutions Accelerate Network Cloud Transformation

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    • Dell Telecom Infrastructure Automation Suite software automates deployment and management of multi-vendor telecom infrastructure for simpler, cost-effective operations
    • Dell Telecom Infrastructure Block adds support for 5G core workloads at the edge and a Dell certification program for industry partners to speed validation of network technologies
    • Globe advances network cloud deployment and increases network operations efficiency with Dell Telecom Infrastructure Blocks for Red Hat 

  • ROUND ROCK, Texas – February 21, 2024 —  

    Dell Technologies (NYSE: DELL) announces new solutions to help communications service providers (CSPs) facilitate network cloud and operations transformation to achieve improved economics and agility, while maintaining network reliability. 

    Dell is using its decades of experience in digital transformation and deep industry partnerships to design telecom solutions that reduce risk, so CSPs can ease the deployment, automate the operation and simplify the support and lifecycle management of disaggregated network cloud infrastructure.

    “The first step in network cloud transformation is installing the cloud infrastructure platform, both architecturally and operationally,” said Dennis Hoffman, senior vice president and general manager, Telecom Systems Business, Dell Technologies. “It takes a team to successfully address the people, process and technology aspects of these programs. We’re contributing not only our technology, but our years of cloud transformation experience to ecosystem partnerships with communication service providers around the world.”

    Dell Telecom Infrastructure Automation Suite accelerates network cloud transformation

    As CSPs integrate a broad ecosystem of technologies to build open, cloud-native networks, they need a simple way to deploy and manage infrastructure from multiple vendors across geographically distributed areas, without compromising network reliability or adding increased costs.

    Dell announces the Dell Telecom Infrastructure Automation Suite, software designed to automate the orchestration and lifecycle management of multi-vendor, network cloud infrastructure at scale. The Automation Suite, based on open standards and APIs, integrates seamlessly into the network and offers CSP’s the flexibility to deploy and manage their choice of infrastructure across distributed, multi-vendor environments.

    The Automation Suite provides:

    • Days or weeks saved on configuration and provisioning using declarative automation, which simplifies server configurations and software deployment.
    • Infrastructure discovery and automation down to the network’s infrastructure layer with open APIs and Dell services to support integration with the telecom business support systems (BSS) and operations support systems (OSS).
    • Comprehensive telemetry on equipment temperature, CPU and memory utilization, to help AI operations make more informed decisions on network operations.
    • Proactive, predictive support with specialized insights from a dedicated telecom-trained team, and new services to design and build custom blueprints tailored to a customer’s unique requirements.

    “The world is moving quickly toward cloudified networks while, in parallel, the network ecosystem complexity is multiplying,” said Anthony Goonetilleke, group president of technology and head of strategy, Amdocs. “Amdocs Service Management and Orchestration simplifies the complexity of a growing number of vendors and is pre-integrated with the Dell Telecom Infrastructure Automation Suite to offer zero-touch deployment of the RAN, helping customers reliably deploy and manage their disaggregated networks at scale.”

    Dell Telecom Infrastructure Block portfolio adds new capabilities, supports Globe Telecom’s network cloud deployment

    Dell Telecom Infrastructure Blocks for Red Hat is a fully engineered hardware and software solution available with Dell global services. The solution uses Dell servers, such as Dell PowerEdge XR8000 with Red Hat OpenShift and Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes, to simplify telecom cloud design, deployment and lifecycle management. Advancements include:

    • Support for 5G core workloads running at the edge, which builds on existing 5G core and RAN workload support, so CSPs can deploy a validated, consistent cloud platform from the core to the far edge of the network.
    • Integrations with the Dell Telecom Infrastructure Automation Suite, which provides an infrastructure management and orchestration framework to support multi-vendor environments.
    • Dell Technologies Certification on Infrastructure Blocks, to test and certify 5G Core, OSS, BSS and open RAN workloads for Dell Telecom Infrastructure Blocks in the Dell Open Telecom Ecosystem Lab. Certification confirms the software and workloads from various partners, beginning with 6D Technologies, Amdocs, Casa Systems, Expeto and MATRIXX Software, will be supported on Dell Telecom Infrastructure Blocks.

    To deploy a telecom cloud across a multi-vendor network, Globe partnered with Dell, using Dell Telecom Infrastructure Blocks for Red Hat, to improve their deployment time, increase the efficiency of network operations, and provide faster validation of hardware and software compatibility. Dell collaborated with Amdocs in the Dell Open Telecom Ecosystem Lab, using Dell PowerEdge servers with Intel processors, to validate Amdocs Policy management software on Dell Telecom Infrastructure Blocks for Red Hat.

    “We’re building an open, cloud-native network with multiple vendors, so we can deliver the best network experience for our customers,” said James Lim, vice president, core network planning, engineering and implementation, Globe. “Testing and integrating various vendors demand too much of our time and budget. That’s why we’re now partnering with Dell Telecom Infrastructure Blocks to do the validation and testing for us, so we can focus on how we can use our modern network to deliver services and benefits for our customers.”


    • Dell Telecom Infrastructure Automation Suite will be globally available in April 2024.
    • Dell Telecom Infrastructure Blocks for Red Hat enhancements will be globally available in April 2024.
    • Dell Technologies Certification on Infrastructure Blocks is available globally beginning today.

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