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      May 20, 2024

      Dell Technologies Fast-Tracks AI-Driven Innovation with the Dell AI Factory

  • Story Highlights

    • Dell AI Factory gives organizations the infrastructure, solutions and services needed to quickly adopt and deploy AI at scale
    • New Dell AI PCs with Copilot+ help users focus on strategic, creative tasks with new AI experiences from Microsoft, powered by Snapdragon processors
    • Dell storage, data protection and networking innovations deliver performance and scalability advancements to support AI deployments
    • Dell AI Solutions with ecosystem partners simplify the deployment of AI applications with pre-tested, integrated software and hardware
    • Dell expands AI Professional Services portfolio to deliver the tools and framework needed to build AI platforms and use AI copilots
    • Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA infrastructure and services advancements accelerate AI adoption and innovation

  • LAS VEGAS – May 20, 2024 —  

    Dell Technologies (NYSE: DELL) announces the Dell AI Factory to give customers access to the industry’s broadest AI portfolio, from device to data center to cloud1 and an open ecosystem of technology partners to create AI applications that meet their unique needs, through a traditional purchase or as a Dell APEX subscription.

    “AI is transforming business at an unprecedented pace. Data centers must be designed from the ground up to handle AI’s speed and scale while new AI PCs are transforming productivity and collaboration,” said Jeff Clarke, vice chairman and chief operating officer, Dell Technologies. “What’s needed are new IT infrastructure and devices purpose-built to meet the specific demands of AI. The Dell AI Factory helps customers accelerate AI adoption with the world’s broadest AI portfolio and leading AI ecosystem partners, offering right-sized approaches and greater control over AI deployments on-premises, at the edge and across cloud environments.”

    Delivering infrastructure to achieve any AI outcome

    Dell’s end-to-end AI portfolio spanning client devices, servers, storage, data protection and networking form the foundation of the Dell AI Factory. Dell Technologies is expanding that portfolio with new offers purpose-built to meet increasing AI demands.

    AI PCs rewrite the rules of creativity and productivity

    • Dell introduces the most Copilot+ PCs powered by Snapdragon® X Elite and Snapdragon® X Plus processors,2 and featuring new Microsoft AI experiences. Targeted at professionals and consumers, these laptops include built-in AI with game-changing performance and exceptional battery life. This transformative PC experience will help users easily manage their tasks and workflows through local computing and processing across the GPU, CPU and NPU. 

    Advancements to manage and protect the data that fuels AI innovation

    • PowerScale F910 all flash file storage addresses the needs of demanding AI workloads, delivering faster time to AI insights with up to 127% improvement3 in performance and superior density.
    • PowerScale: Project Lightning is a new, highly performant parallel file system software architecture that will be integrated into PowerScale to accelerate training times for large-scale and complex AI workflows.
    • Dell Solution for AI Data Protection helps customers protect critical AI applications and data with Dell data protection, software, appliances, and a reference design to streamline deployment.

    Expanded networking portfolio delivers the fabric that accelerates AI performance

    • Dell PowerSwitch Z9864F-ON, powered by the Broadcom Tomahawk® 5 chipset, doubles network performance of AI applications4 through a modern network architecture that delivers high throughput, low latency and easy scalability, catering to the most demanding networking environments.
    • Dell PowerEdge XE9680 supports Broadcom 400G PCIe Gen 5.0 Ethernet adapters. The combination of PowerEdge hardware, PowerSwitch Z9864F-ON and 400G PCIe Gen 5.0 Ethernet adapters allow organizations to achieve greater performance, scalability and efficiency by building robust ethernet fabrics.
    • Enterprise SONiC Distribution innovations enhance AI performance while SmartFabric Manager for SONiC software simplifies deployment, orchestration and lifecycle management with a single view of SONiC fabrics. 

    Accelerating AI time to value with leading partner ecosystem

    Deep collaborations between Dell and leading ecosystem partners deliver tightly integrated solutions and make it easier for customers to get started with AI. 

    • Dell Technologies is the first infrastructure provider to collaborate with Hugging Face to offer optimized on -premises deployment of generative AI models.5 Dell Enterprise Hub on Hugging Face allows organizations to easily and securely train and deploy open, customized large language models (LLMs) on-premises on Dell infrastructure. This experience4 accelerates time to value for customers building their own AI applications for use cases like chatbots and customer support and is accessible directly within Hugging Face’s leading open platform for AI builders.
    • Dell Technologies continues its collaboration with Meta to simplify deployment of Meta Llama 3 models on-premises with Dell infrastructure, providing test results, performance data and deployment recipes.  
    • Dell AI Solution for Microsoft Azure AI Services speeds deployment of AI services, such as speech transcription and translation capabilities, built on Dell APEX Cloud Platform for Microsoft Azure.

    Simplifying the AI journey with expanded services portfolio

    Dell is advancing its extensive portfolio of AI Professional Services to drive improved business outcomes from AI initiatives.

    • Implementation Services for Microsoft Copilot solutions help organizations transform the way they work with expert guidance on embracing Microsoft Copilots experiences across GitHub, Security, Windows and Sales.
    • Accelerator Services for Dell Enterprise Hub on Hugging Face reduce time to value for rapid AI prototyping using the Dell Portal on Hugging Face with strategic counsel on tool and model selection and use case alignment.

    Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA expands to turbocharge AI adoption

    Dell Technologies today expanded the Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA with new server, edge, workstation, solutions and services advancements. The Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA, announced in March, speeds AI adoption by delivering integrated Dell and NVIDIA capabilities or pre-validated, full stack solutions.

    Additional Comments

    “AI workloads generate immense traffic and demand exceptional performance capabilities across clouds and data centers,” said Charlie Kawwas, Ph.D, president, Broadcom’s Semiconductor Solutions Group. “We are proud to partner with Dell to unveil world leading networking innovations that empower organizations to harness peak performance from Dell’s infrastructure solutions. Broadcom's commitment to enabling AI infrastructure with open, scalable and energy efficient networking solutions will drive this collaboration forward for our customers.”

    “The Dell Enterprise Hub on Hugging Face is the result of a deep collaboration between Hugging Face and Dell Technologies to simplify open source AI for enterprises using on-premises infrastructure,” said Jeff Boudier, head of Product and Growth, Hugging Face. “This new experience will help enterprise organizations build their own AI      combining the best of open source AI with the performance, reliability and security of Dell infrastructure.”

    “As organizations explore how to benefit from AI, it’s clear there isn't a one-size-fits-all approach,” said Mike Leone, principal analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. “The Dell AI Factory brings together Dell’s differentiated infrastructure, services and partner ecosystem to help customers quickly and easily adopt AI on their own terms.”


    • XPS 13 and Inspiron 14 Plus are available now for preorder.
    • Latitude 7455, Inspiron 14 and Latitude 5455 will be available in the coming months.
    • Dell PowerScale F910 will be globally available on May 21, 2024.
    • Dell Solution for AI Data Protection reference design will be available in the first half of 2024.
    • Dell PowerSwitch Z9864F-ON and Enterprise SONiC Distribution enhancements will be globally available in August 2024.
    • SmartFabric Manager for SONiC will be available in North America, EMEA and APJ in August 2024.
    • Broadcom 400G PCIe Gen 5.0 Ethernet adapters will be available in PowerEdge XE9680 servers starting in July 2024.
    • Dell AI Solution for Microsoft Azure AI Services will be globally available in Q2 2024
    • Dell Enterprise Hub on Hugging Face will be globally available on May 21, 2024.
    • Implementation Services for Microsoft Copilot solutions are globally available now.
    • Accelerator Services for Dell Enterprise Hub on Hugging Face will be available in NA, EMEA and APJ in late May 2024.

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    1. Based on Dell analysis, March 2024. Dell Technologies offers hardware solutions engineered to support AI workloads from Workstation PCs (mobile and fixed) to Servers for High-performance Computing, Data Storage, Cloud Native Software-Defined Infrastructure, Networking Switches, Data Protection, HCI, and Services.  

    2. Based on third party analysis, May 2024.

    3. Based on internal testing, comparing streaming write of F910 on OneFS 9.8 to streaming write of F900 on OneFS 9.5. Actual results may vary. April 2024.

    4. Compared to previous generation.

    5. Based on internal analysis and using Dell Enterprise Hub, May 2024.

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