Making AI Easy: Dell Enterprise Hub on Hugging Face

Simplified on-premises deployment of optimized open-source AI models.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), open-source AI projects have democratized access to cutting-edge technologies, allowing developers across the globe to collaborate, innovate and drive progress at an unprecedented pace. Dell Technologies recognizes the importance of supporting an open ecosystem of AI technology partnerships, particularly one that enhances the experience for data scientists and the developer community. The Dell AI Factory gives customers access to the industry’s broadest AI portfolio and an open ecosystem of technology partners to create AI applications that meet their unique needs. 

Navigating the World of AI Models

One of the challenges in leveraging AI technologies is the overwhelming variety of models available and the complexities involved in configuring the optimal developer environment. The process can involve numerous manual tasks, with a plethora of software and hardware optimization dependencies required to get the models running smoothly on a platform. Hugging Face has become the leading open platform for AI builders, and this is where the partnership between Dell Technologies and Hugging Face becomes a game-changer. 

Introducing the Dell Enterprise Hub on Hugging Face

At Dell Technologies World 2024, we are excited to unveil the Dell Enterprise Hub on the Hugging Face platform. This innovative portal is designed specifically for Dell customers, offering a streamlined approach to on-premises deployment of popular large language models (LLM) on Dell’s robust infrastructure. 

The Dell Enterprise Hub features custom, ready-to-deploy containers and scripts that facilitate the easy, secure deployment of open-source models available on Hugging Face. It provides secure access to open-source models from trusted sources for hosted datasets and models. This launch makes Dell the first infrastructure provider to bring the Hugging Face portal experience to on-prem container or model deployments. Dell will be a preferred on-premises infrastructure provider for Hugging Face to support enterprise adoption of tailored, open-source generative AI datasets, libraries, and models.

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The Dell Enterprise Hub.


Optimizing AI Model Deployment On-prem

The containers provided through the Dell Enterprise Hub will include the foundation model, platform-specific optimizations, and all necessary software dependencies. We have optimized these containers to start training, fine-tuning and inferencing with no code changes for any use case. This ensures the most popular and permissive AI models like Meta Llama 3 can be deployed optimally for Dell platforms, enabling enterprises to accelerate the time-to-value of AI solutions on-premises with just a few clicks.  

Accelerating Generative AI Prototyping with Accelerator Services

To further support our customers, Dell has launched Accelerator Services for the Dell Enterprise Hub. These professional services are designed to enhance the developer experience on the Hugging Face portal, offering expert guidance on tool and model selection, and use case alignment. Our goal is to enable rapid generative AI prototyping, ensuring that developers and data scientists can efficiently leverage the latest AI technologies for their projects.  

The partnership between Dell Technologies and Hugging Face marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of open, accessible AI. In an industry often dominated by closed, proprietary models, this move toward open-source AI technologies will be revolutionary. By providing an optimized environment for the deployment of generative AI models, the Dell Enterprise Hub empowers developers and data scientists to innovate, collaborate and achieve remarkable advancements in AI. Whether you’re looking to enhance your AI capabilities or explore new possibilities, the Dell Enterprise Hub is your gateway to the future of artificial intelligence. 

The Dell Enterprise Hub will be globally available on May 21, 2024, here: 

Talk to your Dell representative today about Accelerator Services or visit to learn about all the ways Dell Services can help you accelerate AI outcomes for your business. 

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About the Author: Shivani Agarwal

Shivani Agarwal is a Sr. Consultant with Dell’s Generative AI Solutions product marketing team, where she works to highlight the unique benefits of Dell’s GenAI portfolio. In her role, Shivani enjoys learning about how GenAI is helping reshape industries and redefining business operations. Prior to this role, Shivani was leading product marketing for Dell’s APEX and as-a-Service offers and has also worked with Dell Professional Services team as a HCI PLM and Market Intelligence lead for North America. She joined Dell in the spring of 2016 and has over 17 years of global experience in product marketing and product management. Shivani holds an MBA from Penn State University and a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from University of Madras. She currently lives in Austin, TX after spending her initial years growing up in Chennai, India