• Cultivating Inclusion Goal

      Each year through 2030, 90% of our employees will rate their job as meaningful

      Team members want responsible employers that demonstrate multi-stakeholder empathy. According to the 2021 Global Talent Trends Study conducted by Mercer, energized employees are three times more likely to trust that their organization is doing the right thing for society at large. Mercer identified "focus on futures" and "energize the employee experience" as two of the four key trends shaping today's workforce. Dell uses a variety of methods to understand and assess how team members feel about Dell, their work and what makes for meaningful career experiences. Our annual surveys help us identify what energizes team members and what needs improvement.

      This goal’s metric is based on the average rating employee respondents gave their leaders during our annual, internal and optional employee opinion survey of Dell Technologies employees. 

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    Development Goals
    Each year through 2030, 90% of our employees will rate their job as meaningful

    Percentage of employees who rate their job as meaningful

    In FY21, 91% of our employees rated their job as meaningful (measured in FY22). This represents a 2 percentage point decrease compared to our FY20 baseline; however, we are still ahead of our target goal. Additionally, throughout a difficult year, 94% of employees were proud to work for Dell Technologies.20

    • 20 Percent favorable is calculated using the percentage of respondents who select 4 or 5 on a 5–point scale. Employees hired at least four weeks before the survey launch are invited to participate (excluding interns and contingent labor).