Dell Technologies Bare Metal Orchestrator

    • Bare Metal Orchestrator is a software solution that enables Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to deploy, configure, and manage network infrastructure seamlessly across multi-premises.


      Deploy, configure, and manage servers at massive scale

      • Remotely discover, deploy, and manage hundreds of thousands of multi-vendor bare metal servers
      • Ability to operate in an agile and flexible manner for Core, Edge, and RAN
      • Lifecycle manage multi-vendor servers through a unified user interface

      Bare Metal Orchestrator Resources


      Making hardware as easy to manage as software in distributed system infrastructures

    • New Bare Metal Orchestrator lets you focus on innovation

      Dell Technologies Bare Metal Orchestrator helps CSPs build and operate their virtual network infrastructure. Now CSPs can orchestrate multi premises with OS image management and installation, CLI and REST API support, and one-click upgrades for bios, RAID, firmware, drivers, and OS.

    • The economic benefits of Dell Technologies Bare Metal Orchestrator

      Recognize the economic advantages available to CSPs when utilizing Bare Metal Orchestrator.