• Open Telecom Ecosystem Labs

    Making the open and modern Telecom ecosystem real

    • Our mission is to accelerate and simplify the creation of an open and modern telecom ecosystem as we validate complex end-to-end technical solutions at speed. But more than this, we empower you to create new business opportunities, with the support of one of the world’s leading telecom sales teams.

      • Collaborate on a global scale

        Use OTEL’s hybrid connectivity model to securely extend telecom vendors and CSP labs anywhere on the world.

      • Access leading edge Dell and partner technology

        Give NEPs, ISVs, start-ups, and other telecom vendors the ability to validate their software with access to latest Dell Technologies and partner ecosystem hardware platforms.

      • Make telecom solutions consumable

        Accelerate time to value with multi-vendor system integration at scale, cloud operations modeling, multiple test-line configurations, and user-defined end-to-end and on-demand validation at varying scopes.


      Offerings driving the open 5G opportunity

    • Services for Telecommunications

      Enabling your success in the open telecom ecosystem.

    • New ways to partner. New opportunities to grow your business.

      Bringing together CSPs and telecom partners to help transform the telecom industry and make the open ecosystem a reality.

      • OTEL service provider benefits

        • Reduce costs of innovation and integration
        • Reduce risk of deploying new technology
        • Optimized solutions to fit your needs

      • OTEL partner benefits

        • Access to cutting edge Dell technology
        • Increase software trustworthiness
        • End-to-End access to services, tools, and technologies

    • Customer Showcase


      DISH Wireless

      Learn how DISH Wireless utilizes Open RAN solutions in the Open Telecom Ecosystem Lab.



      See how Dell Technologies and Fujitsu collaborate to accelerate and to simplify the adoption and the deployment of Open RAN solutions globally.



      Learn about the shared goal between Dell Technologies and Japan’s leading mobile services provider, NTT DOCOMO, as they work together to help other CSPs create their own O-RAN solutions.



      Dell Technologies uses Open Telecommunications Ecosystem Lab to help SoftBank accelerate their 5G Core vendor qualification.



      Dell Technologies and Vodafone collaborate in OTEL to understand and accelerate the deployment of Open RAN on PowerEdge servers.


      Join in the collaboration

    • OPEN NOW

      Global virtual capabilities

      • Accessible anytime, anywhere
      • Joint lab with key partners
      • Best-in-class performance tools
      • Secure remote access from anywhere


    • OPEN NOW

      Round Rock, Texas

      • State-of-the-art physical laboratory
      • Advanced technical capabilities for real-world  
      • RF chambers for full 5G testing
      • Open collaboration


    • OPEN NOW

      Cork, Ireland

      • Expanding our OTEL global footprint into Europe
      • Use local resources to meet latency and performance criteria
      • Address regional regulatory requirements
    • Learn more about our Open Telecommunications Ecosystem Lab

    • Dell Advances Telecom Self-Certification with PowerEdge XR8000 Test Line

      Dell Technologies Telecom Self-Certification on PowerEdge XR8000 drives telecom innovation in our Open Telecom Ecosystem

    • The Complete OTEL VR Experience

      This VR experience showcases the Open Telecom Ecosystem Lab capabilities and how Dell is creating an open telecom ecosystem.

    • Back to the Future: From GSM to O-RAN

      The evolution of system integration from GSM to O-RAN, from a former RAN engineer's perspective.

    • The OTEL Secret Sauce: Take a Sip

      OTEL has taken the flavor ingredients of continuous integration, deployment, testing & validation, combined it with the cooking prep of a plug and play model.

    • OTEL Lab Overview

      Learn how The OTEL lab brings partners and CSPs future together to create the open ecosystem needed to deliver 5G’s full potential.

    • Back to the Future: From GSM to O-RAN

      The evolution of system integration from GSM to O-RAN, from a former RAN engineer's perspective.