New ways to partner.
    New opportunities to grow your business.

      • We’re opening new possibilities in partnership

        Dell Technologies brings together CSPs and technology partners to help transform the telecom industry and make the open ecosystem a reality. We offer ecosystem opportunities ranging from joint validated designs to complete turnkey solutions. For the telecom ecosystem it means integrating and going to market faster, driving growth and increased profits, and helping to fill the gaps in your business.


      Transform the telecom industry together and make the open ecosystem a reality

      Our telecom ecosystem community will bring together CSPs and telecom partners to accelerate the time-to-market of open telecom solutions, develop and share telecom ecosystem knowledge, increase solution time-to-value for the 5G market.


      Boost your business with Telecom Certification

      Our certification programs makes it easy for telecom vendors to assure their software is compatible with and ready for stable deployment on Dell Technologies telecom platforms – removing barriers to entry, enhancing brand credibility and increasing revenue opportunities.

    • Opening new revenue streams with Open Telecom Ecosystem Lab

      We’re working to accelerate and simplify the creation of an open, modern telecom ecosystem. By validating complex technical solutions through our virtual and (coming Q4 2022) physical OTEL labs, we’re helping partners reduce the costs and risk of deployment while opening new opportunities for revenue.

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