• CUSTOM solutions

    Dell APEX Flex on Demand

    Customize your technology and pay only for what you use

    Intel® Innovation Built-in

      A more flexible approach helps you right-size capacity and Infrastructure

      Today’s dynamic business environment drives the need for a more elastic, on-demand approach to capacity. With Dell APEX Flex on Demand, you customize your hardware and software configurations and set “Committed” and “Buffer Capacity” upfront. Your usage is measured with automated tools. You pay only for what you use, with a single billing rate that helps you accurately predict future costs. Dell APEX Flex on Demand gives you additional peace of mind by capping total monthly billing at 85% usage of total installed capacity – an offer unmatched by other infrastructure providers1.

    • Deploy with confidence

      We work with you to establish the “Committed Capacity” you currently need and the “Buffer Capacity” you will require in the future. All technology is installed and available to you on day one.

    • Pay flexibly

      Each payment includes the fixed cost of your committed capacity plus the variable cost of buffer capacity, which is measured on a regular basis using automated tools installed with your equipment.

    • Adapt on demand

      If usage consistently consumes most of the installed capacity, simply increase your capacity and all related payments will adjust commensurately.

    • Dell APEX Flex on Demand provides elastic capacity

    TERM COMMITTED CAPACITY LINE USAGE DEPLOYED CAPACITY ELASTIC CAPACITY Addresses peak and burst usage. Dell APEX Flex On Demand only charges for buffer when used CAPACITY USED Sized to address your baseline usage. Commit to higher capacity levels or longer periods to lower costs BUFFER CAPACITY ? BURST ? 85% BILLING CAP* ? INCREASED WORKLOAD ? PEAK ? REVISED COMMITTED CAPACITY ? COMMITTED CAPACITY ?
    Buffer Capacity

    Variable payment based on usage. Buffer capacity activates when needed capacity is greater than baseline capacity


    Capacity consumption caused by spike in usage.

    85% BILLING CAP*

    APEX Flex on Demand caps total monthly billing at 85% usage of total installed capacity.

    Capacity Used

    Sized to address your baseline usage. Commit to higher capacity levels or longer periods to lower costs


    Maximum load carried during a set billing period.

    Revised Commited Capacity

    Trigger lower usage rates as workloads increase beyond initial committed capacity, by selecting higher levels of committed capacity

    Committed Capacity

    Fixed monthly payment for baseline needs

    • elastic capacity

      Right-size capacity for workloads that shrink and grow over time

    • metered usage

      Buffer capacity is measured and billed by average or actual usage

    • more savings

      Decrease costs by committing to higher levels for longer terms

    • value-added services

      Can include asset recovery, deployment and support services in one agreement

    • Key features

      • Customize Dell APEX Flex on Demand to meet the unique balance of cost and flexibility required by your business.
      • Choose your total deployed capacity and minimum usage commitment.
      • At the end of the usage term, go month to month, extend the term, or return and refresh equipment.
      • Extend term length if flexibility is needed.
      • Learn about Custom solutions, view and approve pre-invoice reports and see up-to-date usage data on the Dell APEX console.
    • Solution availability

      • Product Availability – Select Storage, Server, Converged and Hyperconverged Infrastructure, Data Protection, and Services
      • Term length - Storage: 12- 60 months, Server: 36 – 60 months.
      • Commitment Thresholds - Storage: 40% to 80%; PowerEdge: 70% to 80% HCI: 50% to 80% (Excluding Azure Stack HCI)
    • Move to multicloud by design with Dell APEX

      Get the ease and agility of the cloud experience with more control over your applications and data.

    • 1Available with Dell Flex on Demand for Storage, Data Protection, and VxRail. Dark sites, non-metered deployments, and customers non-compliant with their contract terms are not eligible.

      *85% billing cap excludes servers

      Dell APEX solutions availability varies by region. Please contact your Dell Sales Representative for more information.

      Dell APEX Flex on Demand is available with select Storage, Server, Converged and Hyperconverged Infrastructure, Data Protection and Services.