• End User Computing Services

    • Adopt a modern EUC ecosystem

      Digital and technology innovation is rapidly changing the modern workplace.  In order to attract and retain top talent, a shift from a traditional inward out view to an outward in view (from the employee perspective) is needed, including  providing access to digital tools that employees are using in their day-to-day lives.

      Respond to the requirements of the modern workforce by delivering a personalized and optimized experience to your employees.  Transform your EUC ecosystem into one that can balance costs, organizational productivity and employee satisfaction.

      Employees value an IT organization who responds to their technology needs, confident they will get a modern end user computing experience and applications they need to be productive.

    • Securely deliver persona-centric apps and devices


      Productivity, innovation and a positive experience come when employees have the right devices, apps, and data to work at their best

      Knowing what your workforce needs and giving it to them can have a powerful impact on your business. When employees have access to the right devices, applications and data, they’re empowered to innovate and achieve more. Our Workforce Persona services help you identify what your employees need to perform at their best.

      • Inspired, engaged employees
      • Optimized technology adoption
      • Decreased costs for IT and the organization

      Realize the vision for your VDI environment

      The VDI environment is a dynamic one, continuously evolving to meet the expectations of your modern workforce.  Our services will help you:

      • Establish a strategic vision 
      • Design and architect for the future
      • Simplify provisioning and management
      • Improve experiences and adoption

      We offer complimentary services to support your digital workplace initiatives

    • ProConsult Advisory Services

      Persona-based EUC deployment and migration inclusive of Windows 10, VDI, and system management.

    • Adoption and Change Management Services

      Accelerate adoption of new services by preparing workers and building excitement.

    • Residency Services for Modern Workforce Experience

      Meet strict project deadlines with flexible, fixed-fee services.

    • Employee Experience Measurement Services

      A modern way to measure, prioritize, and optimize IT experiences in the workplace.