• Data Migration Services

    • Consistent, predictable migration regardless of modality or data type

      Data is one of your organizations most important resources and you need that data to fuel business growth, but distributed data can keep valuable insights out of reach. Our experts help efficiently move data from where it is, to where it will drive innovation.

      • Migrate your data with up to 99.5% less downtime than manual migration methods.
      • Trust in proven tools to streamline migrations and provide you a faster time to value.
      • Count on expert-delivered, dependable best practices developed over 30 years of data migration success.



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      Migrate with less downtime

      Read the study from Principled Technology that compares migrations done in-house with using Dell Data Migration Services. 

      • Reduce downtime by 99.5% vs. our manual approach
      • Less business disruption
      • Streamline data access
    • Dell Data Migration Services

      Minimize risk and accelerate migrations

      • Enjoy consistent, predictable migrations regardless of modality or data type
      • Experience minimal user disruption & IT effort
      • Access detailed visibility of the process & milestones
      • Have confidence from planning to post migration verification
      • Migrate traditional data such as block, file, and object, data in the cloud, SAP, or Office365 with confidence
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      Migrate with confidence

      60% of IT decision makers say data silos are a barrier to better capturing, analyzing and acting on data. See how Dell Data Migration Services can help you migrate from where data is today to new technology or a hybrid cloud environment.