Extend Azure data services
    and management across your
    Microsoft data estate.

    • Extend Azure data services to all cloud environments

      When it comes to cloud strategies, a hybrid cloud approach makes it possible to select the optimal location for your data. However, when applications and data are spread across different environments, management can become complex. 

      Microsoft Azure Arc extends Azure data services and management to Dell Technologies’ validated infrastructure making it possible to consistently build, deploy, operate and manage workloads across your entire Microsoft data estate.

    • Microsoft Azure Arc-enabled data services with APEX Data Storage Services

      Azure Arc-enabled data services brings the benefits of cloud to validated infrastructure from Dell Technologies. APEX Data Storage Services is an as-a-Service portfolio of scalable and elastic storage resources built on our industry-leading technologies. Together, they make it easier to align storage requirements with the needs of your organization, allowing you to focus on other priorities and outcomes, not infrastructure.

    • Dell Technology Services

      If you’re looking to extend your Microsoft Azure cloud to on-premises, including Dell Integrated System for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI, our consulting services for Microsoft Azure Stack will help you get there.

    • Dell Technologies solutions validated for Microsoft Azure Arc

      Our solutions have completed the Azure Arc validation processes for both Kubernetes and data services, enabling businesses to confidently deploy an enterprise-grade hybrid cloud that meets Microsoft's most exacting standards.

    • APEX Data Storage Services

      APEX Data Storage Services

      Easily procure and manage on-premises Microsoft SQL Server data storage in a hybrid world with APEX Data Storage Services, validated for Azure Arc-enable data services and Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes.

    • Dell PowerStore

      Dell PowerStore

      Purpose-built for container-based software architectures, PowerStore is an excellent fit for Azure Arc data services, including options such as PostgreSQL Hyperscale and Arc-enabled SQL Managed Instance.

    • Dell PowerMax

      Dell PowerMax

      Microsoft Windows Server and SQL Server OEM help your organization meet the availability, reliability and performance goals of your business-critical applications.

    • Dell Integrated System for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI

      Dell Integrated System for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI

      Take advantage of the ease of use and high security capabilities delivered for containerized applications at scale with Azure Kubernetes Service on Azure Stack HCI and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) on-premises.

    • Dell PowerFlex

      Dell PowerFlex

      Deliver a truly flexible, software-defined infrastructure that aligns with the core tenets of Azure Arc and boasts linearly scaling performance and network throughput, on-demand and without disruption.

    • Dell VxRail with VMware Tanzu

      Dell VxRail with VMware Tanzu

      Utilize a secure, scalable, and proven platform to build Azure Arc-enabled data services on Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG) to meet cloud-native application development needs across edge, private, public, hybrid and multiclouds.