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    • Overview

      Reimagine edge operations

      Introducing Dell NativeEdge, an edge operations software platform that centralizes deployment and management of edge infrastructure and applications across geo-distributed locations. Dell NativeEdge helps enterprises securely scale their edge operations using automation, open design, zero-trust security principles, and multicloud connectivity.

      With Dell NativeEdge, enterprises across various industries, can now securely power any edge use case, anywhere, to achieve their desired business outcomes.

      Illustration of a data center servicing endpoint devices as marked in a connected pin-map application on a display.
    • Benefits

      Discover the possibilities with Dell NativeEdge

    • AI at the Edge

      Embracing the Future with Edge AI

      Deploying AI at the edge brings intelligence closer to the data source by running deep learning and AI inferencing locally at the edge locations, for real-time decision-making. Learn how you can deploy, manage, and secure these AI workloads and infrastructure across the edge estate seamlessly, securely, and at scale.

    • DevOps at the Edge

      Seamless DevOps Integration at the Edge with Dell NativeEdge

      Discover how Dell NativeEdge empowers organizations to efficiently and securely run applications at the edge, embracing the agility of DevOps while overcoming the unique challenges present at the edge.

    • NativeEdge Endpoints

      Choose from these industry-leading NativeEdge Endpoints

    • NativeEdge in Action

      See how NativeEdge delivers results to our customers and partners

    • NativeEdge and Atos

      Harnessing the power of AI and ML

      Atos Business-Outcomes-as-a-service leveraged Dell NativeEdge to deploy artificial intelligence and machine learning models tailored specific to specific industries, delivering desired business value and outcomes.

    • NativeEdge and Bosch

      Driving innovation in edge deployment

      Bosch leverages Dell NativeEdge to streamline and scale up consistent application deployment processes throughout the edge estate.

    • NativeEdge and Eaton

      Powering diverse applications and use cases at the edge

      Eaton scales edge deployment with Dell as they leverage Dell NativeEdge to centrally manage multiple applications and use cases at the edge.

    • Dell Edge Design Program

      Collaborate with our edge experts

      The Dell Edge Design Program invites customers to collaborate with our experts as we build an innovative edge software platform. By sharing your experience, providing feedback on new products and features and getting hands-on with the software platform, together we can maximize the potential of your edge.

    • Dell Infohub

      Dive deeper into the capabilities of Dell NativeEdge

      Explore our resource hub of technical guides and collateral to understand how Dell NativeEdge can simplify, optimize, and secure your edge operations.