• Retail Edge

    Dell Validated Design for Retail Edge

    Intel Innovation Built-in
    • Creating Intelligent Retail Experiences

      Dell Validated Design for Retail Edge Solutions takes the hard work out of building edge solutions. Simplify the retail experience with AI-powered computer vision technology to help you detect fraud and reduce shrinkage with loss prevention capabilities and a variety of certified use-cases.

      Manage all your retail locations through a consistent management plane for monitoring and day 2 operations. And securely scale by adding new sites and use-cases without adding complexity.

    • Wall to wall services for retail store technology

      With Dell Technologies Edge Services for Retail, you are partnering with one provider to take care of your end-to-end store technology needs. By leveraging Dell Services expertise, you will simplify your edge operations, minimize technology disruption, and ensure business IT continuity, allowing you to deliver delightful customer experiences at lower cost.

    • Intelligent Video Analytics for the Retail Edge

      See how you can unlock insights inside your locations with Deep North

    • Dell Validated Design for Retail Edge

      See how our solutions help retailers consolidate their applications and simplify their edge.

    • Transform your store into an experience center

      Explore how a connected retail experience offers personalized shopping your customers didn’t know they needed, plus improved order fulfillment and a greater opportunity to create new digital channels for your business.

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