• Dell PowerMax 2000 Storage

    POWERMAX 2500

    All-new resilient storage

    Intel Innovation Built-in

    • Experience PowerMax in our virtual lab setting

      Virtual labs give direct experience with products and solutions. Accelerate your organization’s progress and prepare for what’s next.

  • Specifications


    Response Times (Reads)
    Effective Capacity per Array
    Data Reduction Guarantee
    Nodes per Array (for Scale Out)
    Max. Front-End Host Ports per Array
    Use Case
    Data Type
    Max. Number of Devices (LUNs)
    Max. Numbers of Secure Snapshots
    Dell PowerMax 2500
    Under 60 microseconds
    13 TBu - 8 PBe
    5:1 data reduction (Open) 3:1 data reduction (Mainframe)
    Midmarket and enterprise storage, consolidation, transactional workloads
    Open systems, mainframe, File, IBM i, and virtualized apps
    Dell PowerMax 8500
    Under 60 microseconds
    13 TBu - 18 PBe
    5:1 data reduction (Open) 3:1 data reduction (Mainframe)
    Enterprise plus storage, massive consolidation, transactional workloads
    Open systems, mainframe, File, IBM i, and virtualized apps
  • PowerMax 2500 Resources
    Services and Payment Solutions
    Services and Payment Solutions
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PowerMax 2500

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