• Data Management

    Modern Enterprise Data Pipelines

    A Dell Technologies perspective on today’s data landscape and the key ingredients for planning a distributed, modern data pipeline for your multicloud data-driven enterprise.

    • In this modern era, we all live on Planet Data. It is more challenging than ever to come up with an instance in our daily lives for which our actions as humans are not ultimately producing data in some way. The very same can be said for a business. But now, for a business to be competitive, it needs to continuously evolve the use of technology and techniques to generate the highest value insights and outcomes from a vast landscape of datatypes and sources. This is why an understanding of modern and enterprise-scale data pipelines is critical for the data leadership of a business today.

      Foreword by Michael J. Morton

    • This modern data pipelines eBook, created in partnership with Boomi, will provide technical and non-technical readers with:

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