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Best Business Laptops

How to choose the best laptop for business

Choosing laptops for work environments is a continual challenge. Laptop requirements are constantly changing as technology evolves to meet new business challenges. Selecting the right business laptop requires a clear understanding of the workload each device must handle. The ideal device for general business use will differ from the best laptops for programming or the perfect laptops for CAD.

As an innovator in computers for the workplace, Dell has a portfolio of devices that makes it easy to find the business laptop that's best suited for any professional environment.

Why Dell business laptops

Explore versatile and sleek Latitude and Chromebook 2-in-1s, designed to inspire your next big idea.

the best laptop for business

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best business laptops

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What makes the best business laptops?

When choosing the best computer for business use, there are several essential features to consider.

A CPU to power your productivity
For the average office user, a dual-core processor will provide plenty of power for tasks like editing documents, creating presentations, and accessing websites. But if you're planning to run compute-intensive applications in photography, video, or 3D rendering, you'll need a CPU with more powerful processors. The most powerful professional laptops will have the fastest CPU speeds. It's ideal to choose a CPU based on the requirements of the applications you want to run. Some platforms will perform better with CPUs with a single core that cycles at a faster rate. Others will offer better performance with multiple cores with multithreading capabilities.

Convenient screen size and resolution
14-inch screens are considered the sweet spot for work laptops today. On-the-go or field-based workers may prefer laptops with 13-inch screens that are lighter and more portable. 17-inch screens can be a bonus for creative professionals or those who need more expansive views for multitasking. Every laptop user can benefit from a screen with a higher resolution. 4K laptops, for instance, provide an immersive visual experience.

The right form factor
The best professional laptops are built with durability in mind. Still, certain users will want even more durable devices. For workers in harsh and hazardous conditions, the right laptop will have protective casings that ensure optimal performance despite extreme temperatures, strong vibration, and the presence of dust and dirt.

Enough RAM for the apps you run
8GB of RAM will deliver acceptable performance for basic office productivity applications. Users working with large databases, complex photo editing, and high-definition video will want a minimum of 16GB of RAM. Users multitasking with large files or running highly demanding, processing-intensive workloads will see much better performance with 32GB of RAM or more.

The right graphics card for your applications
An integrated graphics card, built directly into the CPU, is suitable for most business applications. For users working with photos, high-definition video, or 3D graphic visualizations, a dedicated GPU is essential. Computers with integrated GPUs have the graphics and central processors in the same unit. By having a dedicated GPU, graphics related data can be processed separately, and more efficiently without slowing down the rest of the system. These applications will also benefit from the latest and fastest graphics cards.

A faster storage drive
While hard disk drives (HDDs) are less expensive and offer more storage, the more powerful laptops today are built with solid-state drives (SSDs). SSDs deliver much faster performance and are quicker to boot up and resume after sleep. With no moving parts, they offer greater stability and reliability, especially for mobile users who take their laptops on the go.

Backlit keyboard
The best business laptops have keyboards that are backlit for increased visibility. These keyboards allow users to work in situations with decreased lighting situations, such as air travel.

Longer battery life
To keep up with the pace of your business, Dell’s laptops offer batteries that can go for a full day between charges. But because certain features on laptops like touchscreen displays can significantly reduce battery life, you may need to consider which features are the highest priority.

The best business laptops from Dell

best business laptops

Laptops built for business address the specific needs of individual professionals and workloads. Dell has a wide range of laptops for work that are designed for every industry and application.

Latitude laptops
Latitude laptops combine compact form factors, a stylish build, and long battery life, making them great devices for mobility and productivity. Latitude notebooks are the world's most intelligent PCs with built-in AI that can adapt to the way you work. Latitude 2-in-1s are Dell's smallest, most intelligent mainstream laptop tablets and are Dell's best laptop for business and personal use.

Features include:

  • Innovative design with narrow-border screens and advanced cooling solutions
  • Cutting edge innovations like Express Response, Intelligent Audio, and ExpressSign-in
  • The latest generation processors and graphics cards
  • Security features that make these laptops the world's most secure commercial PCs
  • Leading wireless and LTE options
  • Next-level collaboration tools
  • A broad array of ports and accessories
Precision Mobile Workstations

Precision mobile workstations are high-performing, customizable systems designed and certified for use with professional design applications. These devices are equipped with the most powerful processors and a variety of display sizes with PremierColor and touch and low-blue light options. Precision workstations are Dell's laptops for industries like engineering and manufacturing, media and entertainment, oil and gas, healthcare and life sciences, and financial services.

Features include:
  • A premium design with professional-level components
  • Smart thermals that keep the systems running cool and quietly
  • Ambient sensing displays that adjust screen brightness
  • ComfortView Plus, a feature that reduces harmful blue light emission
  • Dell Optimizer for Precision, a built-in, AI-based optimization software learns and responds to the way a user works. It includes ExpressCharge, ExpressSign-in, ExpressResponse, intelligent audio and reporting, and analytic features to identify bottlenecks or help with IT planning.
  • Working in conjunction with ECC memory, Dell Reliable Memory Technology (RMT) Pro software identifies, fixes, or quarantines bad memory sectors to avoid errors. RMT will also alert you when your ram stick needs to be replaced, taking the guesswork out of it.
  • Emerging technologies in VR and AI, driven by next-generation graphics cards and processors
Vostro laptops
The Vostro laptops are ideal for small businesses. With reliable security, key productivity features, outstanding support, and exceptional affordability, Vostro laptops help get the job done. These easy-to-use laptops are perfect for balancing the books, managing payroll, ordering inventory, and all the other tasks that help businesses thrive. Some Vostro models have passed military-grade testing to ensure they withstand real-world conditions for work on the go.

Features include:
  • The latest processors for faster performance
  • Space-saving, professional designs
  • Plenty of ports and connectivity options
  • Commercial-grade security with optional fingerprint readers
  • Great support options, especially for small businesses with no IT departments
  • With ExpressCharge, if the system is powered off, the battery typically charges to 80 percent within one hour and 100 percent in two hours.
XPS laptops
XPS laptops for business are built with premium materials, expert craftsmanship & product innovation. High-quality and meticulously crafted from premium materials like machined aluminum and carbon fiber, XPS laptops are durable and beautiful. From its 4-sided InfinityEdge display that lets you immerse yourself in the screen, to its diamond-cut edges and thermal design, innovation starts with XPS.

Features include:
  • XPS Creator Edition: lightning-fast speeds make transferring files a breeze. Optional 100% Adobe RGB display.
  • XPS 13 2-in-1: versatility of a 2-in-1 design
  • XPS 13: ultra-portable, thin and light
  • XPS 15 and 17: True-to-life color with an optional 100% Adobe RGB display.

Why choose a business laptop from Dell?

business laptop

ProSupport IT services
While Dell offers quality devices, we also understand that with all technology, sometimes questions, concerns, or other issues crop up. Dell provides a wide range of support services that help to support business growth and avoid issues. The ProSupport Suite for PCs offers the most complete support service in the industry for small businesses. SupportAssist for PCs uses smart technology to complete updates and stay ahead of issues before they become costly.

Free shipping and easy returns
Every product purchased at ships free with standard delivery and no minimum purchase. Returns are easy within 30 days of purchase. More details here.

Price match
Dell will match the lower price of an equivalent product advertised online. Learn more here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best business laptop?
Selecting the best professional laptop depends on the type of work the user will perform. Everyday business activities like editing documents, sending emails, managing finances, or reading presentations can be accomplished on a mid-level laptop. Users working with compute-intensive applications for photos, high-definition video, architectural drawings, or 3D models for engineering will require laptops with more power. Users who are constantly on the go may want a lighter laptop with longer battery life.

What's a business laptop vs. a mobile workstation?
A mobile workstation typically has more powerful processing capability as they are built to run CAD programs. Business laptops come with a more complete set of features for increased workflow and easy setup in a range of workspaces.

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