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Business Servers

Maximize IT performance with a business server

Business servers are the workhorses of modern IT. As IT environments, applications and workloads become more complex; business servers must provide an ever-wider range of compute and storage capabilities.

These needs aren’t just limited to larger organizations – they are necessary for small and medium-sized businesses, as well. A business server is integral for storing, accessing, and recovering data. It also helps small businesses develop automated backup management, email archiving, and maintaining business continuity.

Today’s business servers have a lot of functions. Some are focused on serving web content for businesses, while others are used for multimedia streaming. Business servers worldwide are also now managing cloud workloads and managing the process requirements of emerging technology trends like AI, machine learning, and more. More businesses than ever are interested in business servers that boast exceptional performance, intelligent automation, and reliability.

The PowerEdge portfolio of servers offers a wide range of tower, rack, and modular server infrastructure, enabling IT teams to acquire server technology that meets their exact requirements.


Explore PowerEdge tower servers. These are designed to grow with your organization and are ideal for small, large & remote offices.


Explore PowerEdge rack servers. These are designed to accelerate performance across the widest range of applications.

Business Servers

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Types of servers for business applications

Types of servers for business applications

Business servers are typically identified by the types of work they do.
Types of servers by function

Some of the most common purposes of servers include:
  • Mail servers manage and store email on corporate networks and across the Internet.
  • Web servers that serve web content to users.
  • Application servers connect end-users with applications and database servers.
  • Application servers connect end-users with applications and database servers.
  • Audio/video servers that manage streaming multimedia content.
  • FTP servers that enable a secure transfer of content between computers.
  • Backup servers facilitate the backup of data, files, applications, and databases.

Business servers from Dell Technologies


PowerEdge servers deliver premium performance for a diverse set of workloads. With an extensive portfolio of technologies, PowerEdge servers provide end-to-end solutions that work together seamlessly to solve IT challenges and optimize business operations and processes in general.

The PowerEdge server family includes:

Tower servers
A tower server is a standalone server that resembles a desktop computer tower. Each tower server requires its own cabling, power supply and cooling technology. Tower servers are the ideal option for businesses that require only one or two servers. Housed in a quiet body, they combine perfect performance and versatility for small, large, and remote offices.

Rack servers
Rack servers are housed in a server rack that enables multiple servers to be mounted vertically in a small space. The rack provides shared power, cooling, and connectivity for all servers, making management and maintenance easier. PowerEdge rack servers maximize performance across the broadest range of applications, including database, high-performance computing, and virtualization environments.

Modular infrastructure
Dell modular infrastructure servers combine blade servers with rack and tower technology that optimizes IT infrastructure for traditional, new, and emerging workloads. Blade servers are physically thin servers on a card that can be mounted alongside other servers allowing your business to increase processing power without taking up too much additional space. The chassis housing blade servers provide standard power, cabling, cooling and KVM switching to reduce costs and simplify management. PowerEdge modular infrastructure platforms offer a dynamic infrastructure with compute, storage and networking modules that can be tailored to the IT needs of your business.

Benefits of PowerEdge business servers

PowerEdge business servers offer significant advantages for IT teams and businesses of every size.

Integrated security
PowerEdge servers have comprehensive protection and robust security features built into every server which helps to maximize uptime by detecting, protecting, and recovering from cyberattacks.

Dell’s comprehensive portfolio of business servers can be configured to the exact IT needs of your business. Dell understands that every organization is unique and that business servers must adjust to those needs and preferences.

Automated management
Dell OpenManage tools simplify server management by reducing the time and effort required to manage IT environments, allowing IT administrators to focus on business objectives. This can also improve overall productivity and employee morale.

Scalable performance
Highly scalable architecture enables IT teams to easily expand computing and storage capacity as requirements evolve.

Why choose Dell Technologies for your business

Business Servers

Premium products
All our products are designed to provide secure, powerful, and reliable systems. Built with cutting edge technologies for maximum operational effectiveness, our products adapt and scale to your business needs.

Comprehensive IT solutions
Support the growth of your business with our IT Solutions. We provide a full portfolio or products that include support & services and on-site assistance. The fully supported and secure solutions are designed to help keep your data secure and your infrastructure strong.

Expert support
We have over 30 years of experience in helping small businesses succeed. Our team of IT experts provide personalized advice and tailored solutions. Easily reach us by call, chat, or email to keep your small business ready for what’s next.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a business server?
A business server is a computer that manages access to specific services and resources for other programs, devices, and users. Business servers may, for example, manage access to databases, files, email, web content, games, and other applications.

What are the advantages of a rack vs. tower vs. blade server?
The most common business servers are tower, rack, or blade servers. Tower servers are standalone devices and are ideal for smaller businesses that don’t require many servers. Rack servers enable multiple servers to be housed within a server rack that simplifies management, offers optimal cooling, and reduces the footprint of server technology. Blade servers provide greater processing power within a smaller space and promote redundancy by enabling individual servers to be quickly and easily hot-swapped or replaced.

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