Dell PowerEdge XR8000 Server

The future-proof launchpad for network modernization

The Dell PowerEdge XR8000 server features an innovative, open modular design and is the lowest-TCO compute platform for a modern telecom operator looking to deploy, operate, & evolve their network services.

Run any workload anywhere

Sled-based, ruggedized server chassis holds up to four server sleds outfitted with the silicon that’s best for your workloads, delivering total flexibility.

Upgrade at the speed of silicon

Rapidly upgrade/change silicon across vendors and generations, providing efficiency throughout your platform lifecycle.

Optimize operations and maintenance

A chassis/sled design, paired with lifecycle management automation software, enables simplicity with fast and affordable upgrades and lifecycle management across massively distributed telecom networks.

PowerEdge XR8000 2U sled-based multi-node Server Chassis

Ready for any workload

At the heart of the Dell XR8000 is a rugged, short-depth 2U chassis that lets you choose from 1U or 2U half-width, hot-swappable Compute Sleds and enables up to four nodes. Depending on the number and variety of workloads and their various requirements, you can load the chassis with a mix of sleds, each running a different processor type, generation and accelerator card as needed. The XR8000 supports three sled configurations designed for flexible deployments. These can be 4 x 1U sleds, 2 x 1U and 1 x 2U sleds or 2 x 2U sleds.

  • Improved thermal performance
  • Reduced power cabling
  • Simplified generational upgrades
  • Run multiple generations of workloads in the same chassis
  • Support CU/DU, UPF and other workloads

Compact and powerful Dell XR8000 sleds with hot-swappable design

Ready for the latest silicon

XR8000 sleds may be small but they are mighty. We design them using the latest chips sets to ensure the best price/performance for your network infrastructure. We also outfit them with ergonomic features and make them hot-swappable so you can change or upgrade them without shutting anything down. With these advanced sleds, you can always run the latest generation of CPUs for the lowest TCO throughout the platform's 10-year lifespan.

  • Power and management connector(s) to the chassis manager
  • Pull handle(s) and a mechanical lock for attachment to the chassis (for example, spring clips) 
  • Side rails to aid insertion and stability in the chassis 
  • Ventilation holes and baffles as appropriate for cooling
  • Intrusion detection for sled insertion/removal linked to iDRAC

PowerEdge XR8000 with Single chassis design and IDRAC 9 total control

Ready to simplify

In a complex world full of change, simplification is always welcome and the PowerEdge XR8000 delivers. By deploying a single type of chassis across your environment, you'll simplify your support requirements. Built-in management (iDRAC) makes day-to-day operation a breeze. You can further simplify operations across your distributed network with Bare Metal Orchestrator (BMO), an automated deployment and lifecycle management software package.

  • Single chassis design across diverse use cases simplifies support requirements
  • Decoupled power infrastructure and sled nodes offer hot swap/upgrade capabilities without taking down rest of server
  • IDRAC 9 capabilities coupled with Dell Bare Metal orchestrator software (optional) allow closed-loop management and telemetry from the system for total control

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