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Dell OpenManage Secure Enterprise Key Manager

The cost of data loss from cyber threats is serious. Dell delivers security solutions to help businesses protect their data.

Dell secure solutions help businesses with their data protection requirements. With comprehensive security, your security strategy can protect your business and customers.

With a data security solution, you can deploy Dell secure enterprise solutions to help you:

  • Create an effective data-at-rest security approach
  • Deploy key management systems to secure data in the server
  • Scale data protection as storage requirements scale with self-encrypting drives (SEDs)

Secure Enterprise Key Management solutions for your data security strategy

Your data security strategy is affected by growth of data within the business, increasing privacy regulations, risk of data breaches and hacking, as well as deciding which data to protect and at what cost. Securing data demands a strategy with a solid infrastructure and in-built security. PowerEdge servers provide a cyber-resilient design and now, with Secure Enterprise Key Manager, you have a solution that helps protect your data-at-rest, anywhere inside or out of the enterprise.

How it helps you
Key management servers enhance business security policies to secure data-at-rest, within the organization and data center.
  • Keys are created and securely stored external to storage
  • Reduce risks of server drives or servers being accessed by locally stored keys
  • Renders any data stolen from a data center as inaccessible
  • Define which servers and drives to protect
  • Manages generating and storing of all encryption keys
  • Peace of mind that your data is only accessed with keys
As your organization grows, you need a data security solution that grows with your business
  • Readily manage one node to thousands with encryption keys
  • Easy to add new end-nodes and protect with one policy
  • Easy to extend security policies across remote locations and cloud/on-premises
  • Define your data security policy and trust it is scaled across thousands of nodes you have assigned
  • Monitor all your protected nodes and servers
Security solutions aligned to KMIP (Key Management Interoperability Protocol) standards help ensure businesses meet data security requirements
  • Reduce risk of lock-in and proprietary solutions
  • Adherence to worldwide security standards
  • One solution for all your data protection needs
  • Be assured your data security policy leverages industry standards
  • Data security policy can apply equally to meet compliance needs such as HIPAA and GDPR
Data security which leverages your hardware foundation provides next-level protection for your business
  • Integration with iDRAC across the PowerEdge server line
  • Secure data faster with self-encrypting hard drives (SEDs)
  • Leverage silicon root-of-trust features in PowerEdge servers
  • Know that every server you buy is security-ready
  • Accelerate your data protection with SEDs
  • Additional protection at the hardware level helps protect your infrastructure comprehensively

A strong foundation for your data security policy

Dell OpenManage Secure Enterprise Key Manager is a comprehensive key management solution enabling scalable data protection and compliance across businesses and enterprises. With functionality embedded in PowerEdge servers, and working in conjunction with leading technology partners such as CryptSoft, Thales and Gemalto, the enterprise key manager addresses the most demanding data-at-rest protection requirements.

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