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G-Sync Monitors

Eliminate tearing and stuttering with a G-SYNC monitor

Screen-tearing and stuttering can put a damper on any gaming experience. It frustrates casual gamers and causes competitive gamers to miss crucial opportunities. NVIDIA® G-SYNC ® is an adaptive synchronization technology that uses a variable refresh rate to synchronize the monitor and the computer's graphics card. With a G-SYNC monitor, players enjoy smooth and rich visuals with no tearing, stuttering, or input lag.

As a world leader in monitors, Dell offers Alienware G-SYNC monitors in a range of sizes and resolutions. When casual and competitive players want the best gaming monitor they can find, they turn to Alienware displays from Dell.

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How a G-SYNC monitor improves gameplay

A G-SYNC monitor solves a common problem with gaming and video displays. Graphics or video cards produce images at a specific rate called frames per second or fps. Monitors redraw the screen with new images at a certain rate as well – this is the refresh rate and is measured refreshes per second, known as Hertz (HZ).

When a graphics or video card produces frames faster than the monitor can refresh, users will often see two images on the screen simultaneously, in effect known as "screen tearing." The images typically don't align and are separated by a horizontal or vertical line.

A G-SYNC monitor resolves this issue by matching the monitor's refresh rate with the game's frame rate. G-SYNC monitors have a variable refresh rate that allows images to be drawn as soon as the graphics card renders them, reducing input lag. G-SYNC works in both G-SYNC monitors and G-SYNC compatible monitors.

G-SYNC monitors from Dell

FreeSync Monitors

Alienware and Dell gaming monitors offer G-SYNC compatibility for effortlessly smooth gaming. With iconic designs, incredibly fast refresh rates, and astonishing color coverage, Alienware and Dell monitors deliver the seamless and immersive gameplay experience that gamers demand.

Features of Alienware and Dell G-SYNC monitors from Dell include:
  • LED edgelight systems and OLED monitors
  • Resolution up to 3840 X 2160
  • Refresh rates up to 240 Hz
  • Response time as low as 0.5 ms (gray to gray)
  • Color support up to 1.07 billion colors
  • Contrast ratio up to 130,000:1 (typical)
  • Screen sizes up to 55 inches

Additional gaming monitors from Dell include 4k 144hz monitors and some of the best 144hz monitors with 1440p resolution on the market today. Alienware and Dell G-SYNC monitors are designed with premium components and all the features that gamers want in a high-performance display.

Why gamers choose Dell

Gaming Monitor Choose

Dell is among the world's leaders in monitors for work, home, and gaming. Dell remains committed to offering the best possible monitors to individuals, businesses, and organizations of all kinds.

Dell continues to win awards and set trends with its innovative monitor technology and creates some of the highest quality monitors on the market.

Innovative design
Dell regularly offers new product features that solve problems gamers face every day and deliver new experiences that combine the wishes of gamers and game developers in more immersive experiences.

Premium quality
Alienware gaming monitors use only premium materials that deliver comfort, ergonomics, and longevity. Alienware monitors are durable and reliable.

Iconic design
Alienware's sleek, beautiful displays are the envy of gamers everywhere. Alienware ecosystems offer integrated designs that simplify human interaction with connectivity, functionality, and controls.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is NVIDIA G-SYNC technology?
NVIDIA G-SYNC is a display technology that delivers faster and smoother gaming experiences. G-SYNC synchronizes the display refresh rates in a monitor to the frame rates in the GPU.

This eliminates screen tearing while also minimizing display stutter and input lag. The result is a visual experience where objects appear sharper, scenes appear instantly, and gameplay is incredibly smooth. In other words, G-SYNC monitors offer a superior and more seamless gaming experience.

What is a G-SYNC monitor?
A G-SYNC monitor is a computer display designed for gaming that uses or is compatible with NVIDIA G-SYNC technology. These monitors also help to reduce screen tearing during gameplay.

What is screen tearing?
Screen tearing is a visual distortion on a computer monitor caused when the GPU can't keep up with the monitor's refresh rate. When this happens, part of a screen is redrawn in one frame and the remainder is redrawn in another, producing an image on the screen that looks as if parts of the image aren't aligned.

What is a G-SYNC monitor vs. a FreeSync monitor?
A G-SYNC monitor uses NVIDIA G-SYNC to synchronize the monitor and GPU. A FreeSync monitor uses AMD FreeSync™ technology to accomplish the same task.

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