Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors
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Intel Technologies and Solutions

Get impressive performance per watt gains across all your workloads1, plus outsized performance and TCO in AI, database, networking, and HPC2. 5th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors deliver more compute and faster memory3 at the same TDP as the previous generation.

Enterprise Solutions

Win With Dell Solutions Based on Intel Architecture Explore
innovative technologies across software and compute.

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Solutions for End-to-End Data Center Performance

Optimized solutions for performance, density, TCO, and power

Data Warehouse

Process data quicker with higher user density, faster transactions, and lower TCO with increased memory capacity.

Analytics & AI

Benefit from accelerated inferencing built to scale while managing costs and usage.

Remote work

Enable better employee productivity with reliable solutions designed to support remote workforces.

High Performance Computing (HPC)

Take advantage of extensive and powerful computing to enable quicker analysis and insights.

Hybrid Cloud

Choose solutions with optimized performance for hybrid cloud strategies with increased user density and lower TCO.

Business Advantage

The Advantage of Dell Technologies & Intel Solutions

Enhance the data center infrastructure with innovated and reliable technology

Edge Solutions

Deploy trusted solutions with less complexity that generate value for you even faster.
You can personalize your customer experiences all while simplifying data collection.

Intel and Dell Technologies

Simplify Your Edge with Trusted Technology

Edge computing solutions that support digital transformation across industries

Intel and Dell Provide Solutions Where it is Needed the Most, at the Point of the Decision


High Performance Computing (HPC)
& Artificial Inteligence (AI) Solutions

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Drive results with reliable HPC and AI solutions despite complex workloads

Intel- enabled Dell Technologies solutions with PowerEdge Servers and Intel Xeon® Scalable Processors offer architectures that help accelerate HPC and AI while shortening time to insights.

Advancing High-Performance Computing

The Cambridge Open Exascale Lab is dedicated to facilitating innovation in emerging next generation supercomputing technologies, where they deploy systems 50x larger than those commonly used today.

Intel and Dell Technologies solutions enable HPC and AI across industries

Telecom Solutions

Transform carrier services

Transform carrier services in the Telecom transition to the 5G network

Dell Technologies solutions with PowerEdge Servers and Intel Xeon Scalable Processor are built for Core, ORAN, and edge deployments. Accelerate the move to open, cloud- native 5G networks while managing costs and operations challenges.

Discover how Intel and Dell Technologies solutions enhance 5G networks

Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors
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