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Network Servers

Boost performance with a superior network server

A network server offers significant benefits for small businesses. Network servers enable users throughout the organization to more easily collaborate and share files, increasing productivity while protecting users and data from various cyber threats. Network servers provide a central repository for both data and applications.

The PowerEdge portfolio offers an assortment of devices that can fill a network server's role for small businesses, and remote or branch offices. PowerEdge servers include tower servers, rack servers, and modular infrastructure devices that can maximize performance across a wide range of workloads.


Explore PowerEdge tower servers. These are designed to grow with your organization and are ideal for small, large & remote offices.


Explore PowerEdge rack servers. These are designed to accelerate performance across the widest range of applications.

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The role of a network server

Network servers play a variety of roles within an organization today. They can serve as a point of authentication for employees, and they can manage permissions for users at different levels. They offer a central location where users can store and access files, data, and shared resources like printers and scanners.

Network servers improve security by providing an added layer of protection and control measures. They also help improve the reliability of your IT infrastructure and eliminate the possibility of a single point of failure. Network servers make it easier to manage backups and allow remote workers to access the data, applications, and resources they need.

Network servers from Dell Technologies


PowerEdge servers offer high-performance computing for a diverse set of workloads. They are designed to speed deployment and improve application performance; PowerEdge devices are ideal as network servers, application servers, web servers, and mail servers, as well as servers for high-performance computing, virtualization, and cloud-native workloads.

PowerEdge servers offer significant advantages to businesses of every size.

Simplified management
PowerEdge servers allow IT teams to automate the entire server lifecycle from deployment to retirement. Embedded intelligence within each device dramatically increases productivity by enabling IT teams to reduce routine server management efforts, focusing instead on other strategic priorities.

Added security
With PowerEdge servers, security is embedded into every device's hardware and firmware. A deep layer of defense helps protect customers, data, and the business from threats of data loss, unauthorized access, and cyberattacks.

Scalable architecture
PowerEdge servers feature a highly scalable architecture and flexible internal storage, balancing compute, and memory to maximize performance across the broadest range of applications.

Easy customization
For businesses that want to build a server, there is an option on to choose from a wide range of server configurations. These servers come with a variety of components fit for various business needs.

Tower servers, rack servers, and modular infrastructure

The PowerEdge portfolio offers several types of servers that can function as network servers.

Tower servers
A PowerEdge tower server provides the performance, versatility, and quiet operations required for servers in small, large, and remote offices. Available in a range of sizes, PowerEdge tower servers are designed to solve the challenges of the modern office environment. As a network server, a tower server is available in one-socket configurations for standard business applications and two-socket configurations for more power-intensive workloads.

Rack servers
PowerEdge rack servers offer optimal performance across many applications. These devices support up to four AMD EPYC or Intel Xeon scalable processors to improve performance for databases, high-performance computing, and virtualization environments.

Modular infrastructure
PowerEdge modular infrastructure enables IT teams to configure a chassis with scalable compute modules, storage, and networking fabric. These modular solutions simplify deployment and administration with unified server management software and provide a path to modern software.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a network server?
A network server is a device that centralizes resources within an organization and allows users to store and access data and files.

What is the value of a network server?
Network servers improve network security by adding firewall protection and additional security features to the IT environment. Network servers can simplify backups, increase reliability, improve other computers' performance on the network, and enhance productivity for employees.

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