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Rack Mounts

Simplify server management with rack mount accessories

Rack servers are the bedrock of the modern data center. Offering superior processing power and performance while simplifying management and reducing costs, this particular type of business server enables companies to easily adapt and grow as their compute and storage requirements evolve.

Managing rack servers requires a host of hardware and cable management solutions. Committed to providing leading rack server technology and solutions, Dell offers a wide range of rack mount accessories that help simplify the management and maintenance of servers in the data center.


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Rack mount accessories from Dell

As we commit to providing your business with leading server technology, you can find a broad assortment of server accessories on You will have options to choose rack mounts and enclosures, hardware, cable management products and more to streamline the management of rack servers.

Rail kits
Rail kits are used to mount servers and other equipment within a 19-inch server rack.

Sensors monitor temperature and humidity within a server rack. This assists IT teams with preventing servers from overheating.

Rack shelves
Shelves enable tower units, monitors and other equipment to be mounted within the rack.

Blanking panels
Blanking panels occupy unused rack space to help maintain proper rack temperatures, prevent air recirculation and promote top to bottom airflow.

Fiber organizers
Fiber organizers are designed to organize power data cables within a rack making overall installation simple.

Cable management hardware
Cable management hardware includes a broad array of side-mounted cable channels, vertical and horizontal organizers, troughs, ladders and simple cable management rings.

Keyboard drawers
Keyboard drawers are sliding trays that house a keyboard that makes it easy for administrators to manage and communicate with servers within the rack.

Fan panels
Fan panels provide air distribution to maintain appropriate temperatures within the server rack. Fan panels also include air filtration systems to remove dirt and other particles from the airflow, which can reduce the amount of maintenance.

In addition to rack mount accessories, Dell offers large and small server racks as well as a range of 1U servers, 2U servers, 4U servers and custom servers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a rack mount server?
A rack server is a computer that provides functionality for other programs and devices and is mounted within a vertical rack of servers. Rack mount servers are classified by the number of units or spaces they occupy within a rack. A 1U server occupies a single unit or approximately 1.75 inches of height within the rack. A standard server rack is 42 units tall.

What are rack mount accessories?
Rack mount accessories include server rack shelves, cables, cable management hardware, zip ties, server rack rails, mounting hardware, blanking panels, and other hardware.

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