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Business Guide to the Cloud

Focus on your future, not your IT setup

Managing cloud and on-premises infrastructure can quickly become overwhelming and costly.
Dell Technologies Advisors can help grow your business.

Start Your Hybrid Cloud Journey

Optimize your business’ data security with a hybrid cloud solution. A hybrid cloud solution integrates the best of public and private cloud computing. Data is always secure and available despite public outages.

Scale your business with the benefits of a hybrid cloud, including powerful security, total support, and expertise from Dell Technologies Advisors.

Advantages of a Hybrid Cloud Solution



Protect your data

Maintain control of your business’ most critical data. Cyber attackers never sleep but Dell hybrid cloud solutions have you covered. Enforce policies across cloud resources, maintaining visibility and control over your data assets.

• Secure and access data in any scenario
• Run profitably despite public outages
• Recover faster



Control your costs

Grow your business, not costs. It’s hard to predict if your investment today will cover your needs in the future. Get solutions from Dell Technologies that help control costs and simplify deployment.

• Up to 79% improved flexibility
• Up to 78% reduced costs
• Up to 79% reduced risks



Minimize your risks

From migration to cybersecurity and deployment, Dell Technologies can help your business with ProDeploy Suite for storage and servers.

• Up to 82% less project planning time
• Up to 68% less deployment time
• Up to 43% fewer support calls in the first 90 days

Get Started with a Hybrid Cloud Solution

Simplify management with a consistent experience, everywhere

Discover new levels of control while meeting security and compliance requirements.

Contact a Dell Technologies Advisor to start your cloud journey.

Components of a Hybrid Cloud Solution

Gain simplicity, agility, and control with Hybrid Cloud Solutions.

A hybrid cloud solution is a customizable, flexible infrastructure that combines the best of both cloud-based and on-premises resources.


A server chosen for your business needs makes a great difference. We can help you build for now and for the future.



Whether hosting large amounts of unstructured or structured data, Dell has the storage solution to meet your business needs.



A well-designed network helps your business securely communicate with your data assets, stored locally or on the cloud.



Wherever you are on your hybrid cloud journey, Dell offers services that can move you to the next phase of growth.

IT Professionals in a Creative Office

Gain insights to make informed IT investment decisions.

Dell EMC Live Optics™ is a free, simple, and remote diagnostic test.

Identify areas where your business IT infrastructure can improve, in real time. Live Optics dashboard summarizes vulnerabilities and performance across all systems and workloads so you get the most of the hybrid cloud solution.

We’re ready to help
We’re ready to help
Our expert advisors will help you tackle the toughest IT challenges. Let’s start your small business digital transformation.

Intel® Core™ Processors
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