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XPS Desktops

Shop top-tier computing with Dell XPS Desktops—engineered for power and expandability and crafted for power users and creative enthusiasts.

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Key Features
Creator Edition configurations
Maximum expandability
Performance CPU liquid cooling option
Customizable Specs
  • Processor
    Up to Intel® Core™ i9-13900K
    Windows 11 Home or Windows 11 Pro
    Up to NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 4090 or Intel® Arc™ Graphics A770

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Immerse yourself in the pinnacle of performance and design with Dell's XPS Desktop. Meticulously crafted for power users, creative enthusiasts, and those who demand top-tier computing, the XPS Desktop combines cutting-edge technology with sleek aesth etics. Elevate your computing experience with powerful processors, high-end graphics, and a chassis designed for optimal thermal management. Whether you're a content creator, gamer, or professional, the Dell XPS Desktop delivers an unparalleled combination of style and performance, redefining what's possible in desktop computing. ...

Few Commonly Asked Questions:

Dell's XPS Desktop fits into any environment with an elegant, minimalist design in a choice of light or dark to seamlessly blend into any environment.

The XPS Desktop can be equipped with powerful processors, high-performance graphics, and ample RAM, making it ideal for content creation, professional tasks, and resource-intensive workloads.

Yes, Dell offers customization options for the XPS Desktop, allowing users to choose specifications such as processors, memory, storage, and graphics based on their specific computing needs.

Dell designs the XPS Desktop with advanced thermal management solutions, including efficient cooling systems, to ensure optimal performance even during extended periods of usage.

The XPS Desktop features high-quality graphics capabilities, enhancing the visual experience for multimedia, entertainment, and gaming applications.
Intel® Core™ Processors
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