• Services Technology

    Enhance your services experience with data-driven technology

    Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors
    • Maximize your success to take full advantage of all our services technology has to offer

    • Our technology unlocks the intelligence you need and increases agility from planning through retirement to keep you ahead of whatever comes next.​

      • Connectivity software lets you leverage machine learning to automatically predict, prevent and resolve issues.
      • Confidently take action with access to key system and business information.​
      • Onboard your team and set them up for success with access to customizable, online self-service.​​

      Enhance your experience from planning and deployment to retirement with online access, giving you an end-to-end view of your services.

    • Over 44TB of data per day1

      Evolving with you using machine learning and an AI engine that learns fast

    • 650+ billion rules executed daily1

      Pre-emptive speed to predict and prevent issues with your hardware

    • 3.7 million issues predicted annually1

      See ahead and stay ahead with actionable telemetry data

    • Forrester Consulting Research

      Innovation leaders need automated IT services to transform

      We believe it’s possible to make digital transformation real by innovating with services. Dell Technologies Services commissioned a Forrester Consulting study that validates the significant business impact of partnering with the right IT service providers for deployment and support. The findings show that 74% of ITDMs agree they cannot meet their organization’s demand for IT expertise with internal resources only. What’s holding you back from getting the support you need?

    • We generate value-added insights leveraging our artificial intelligence and machine learning models, coupled with all the software we’ve built behind the scenes. Our technology extracts and exposes the value of data in a simple and integrated way, thereby enabling customer outcomes.

      Alex Barretto, Dell Technologies SVP, Services Strategic Planning & Technology