SD/Memory Card Reader not reading the SD/Memory Card

SD/Memory Card Reader not reading the SD/Memory Card

Summary: Steps to help resolve any issues you may be experiencing with your SD card/Memory card being read by your Dell system.

Table of Contents

  1. Unlock the SD/Memory Card
  2. Try a Known-Good Card
  3. Run a SD/Memory Card Reader Diagnostic
  4. Reinstall or Update the SD/Memory Card Reader Driver

1. Unlock the Flash Card

If you are not using a SD card, please skip to the next step.

Most, but not all SD (Secure Digital) cards have a lock lever that write-protects the data on the card.
Find the small notch on the left or right edge of the SD card.
Pull the switch up OR in the direction the label states to unlock the SD card.

2. Try a Known-Good SD/Memory Card

Swap your existing card with another that is known to work. This is to rule out the memory card that is not being detected.

3. Run a Memory Card Reader Diagnostic

To run a Memory Card Reader Diagnostic click here then select the Memory Card Reader Diagnostic.

4. Reinstall or Update the Memory Card Reader Driver

An out of date or corrupt memory card reader driver, also known as a Chipset Driver, can cause it too not detect the memory cards.
Visit the Dell Drivers and Downloads website and input your Service Tag to get updates specific to your computer.
If you need assistance in Downloading and Installing Drivers or BIOS. Click here for Installation Instructions

If issues persist after completing the steps please contact Dell Technical Support for further assistance.

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