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Article Number: 000054888

Avamar backup fails with "Not Enough Space" and "Out of Memory for cache file"

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An Avamar backup fails with the the following messages recorded in the backup log.
AVTAR FATAL <5351>:  Main:  Unhandled internal exception Unix exception Not Enough Space

AVTAR Debug-Error <0001> Out of Memory for cache file C:\Program Files\avs\var\p_cache.dat size 1610613280



The root cause is unknown but the messages indicate that the client machine is short of space.

This could be either because there is not enough disk space for the cache file to be written or it could be because the client is unable to hold the hash cache file in memory.


  1. Ensure that the caches are appropriately sized for the amount of data being backed up (refer to the Operational Best Practices Guide)
  2. Ensure that the client has enough memory to hold the cache files along with any other applications which are in use on the machine
  3. Ensure that the client has sufficient disk space for the cache file to be stored
If the backup never previously worked the correct action would be to work with your EMC partner or Professional Services to check the configuration (KB 335863).

Additional Information

During a backup both file cache (f_cache.dat) and the hash cache (p_cache.dat) get loaded into memory.
The client needs to have enough memory to store the caches in addition to the avtar process and any other processes running on the machine.  
If this is not the case the backup my fail with the messages reported above.

Backups sent to DataDomain make use of a 'paging file cache' which can reduce the amount of memory required for holding entries in the file cache.

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Avamar, Avamar Client

Last Published Date

20 Nov 2020



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