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Support for Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller 6 (iDRAC6)

Summary: Dell Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller 6 (iDRAC6) provides comprehensive, embedded management across the PowerEdge 11th generation family of servers, automation that lets yourSee more

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iDRAC6 System Summary
Support for the Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller 6

  • Agent-free local and remote embedded server management
  • Monitor and maintain your server

The iDRAC provides comprehensive, embedded management across the PowerEdge family of servers, automation that lets your organization grow, and security that ensures peace of mind. From the variety of tools and technologies in the OpenManage portfolio, you can build a management solution that matches your needs, and by leveraging iDRAC, ensures optimal server management.

iDRAC6 has reached both the End of Sale as of December 2015 and End of Software Maintenance as of December 2018. The last release of iDRAC6 firmware is version Monolithic 2.92 and Modular 3.85. Learn more >

Benefits of iDRAC6

System-on-chip: The iDRAC6 uses an integrated system-on-chip microprocessor for the remote monitor/control system. The iDRAC6 co-exists on the system board with the managed PowerEdge server. The server operating system is concerned with executing applications; the iDRAC6 is concerned with monitoring and managing the server’s environment and state outside of the operating system.
Remote Management: After the iDRAC6 is configured on the network, it can be accessed at its assigned IP address with the iDRAC6 Web interface, Telnet, or Secure Shell (SSH), and supported network management protocols, such as Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI).
Diagnose warnings and errors: Configure the iDRAC6 to send an e-mail or Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) trap alert for warnings or errors. To help diagnose the probable cause of a system crash, iDRAC6 can log event data and capture an image of the screen when it detects that the system has crashed.

Licensing for iDRAC6

iDRAC Licenses / Server Model 200-500 Series Rack / Tower / Modular 600+ Rack / Tower / Modular
Basic: Basic instrumentation with iDRAC web GUI, this is the default license included with 200-500 series rack and tower servers. Standard n/a
Express: All the features of Basic and expanded remote management and server lifecycle features, this is the default license included with 600+ series rack, tower, and modular servers. Upgrade Standard
Enterprise: All the features of Express and additional remote presence features with advanced, Enterprise-class, management capabilities. Upgrade Upgrade

An iDRAC license is a perpetual license that is valid for the life of a server, and can be bound to the Service Tag of only one server at a time. Upgraded iDRAC license may have been included at time of server purchase or purchased separately and downloaded from Dell Digital Locker.

Downloading an upgraded or replacing a lost license:
  • The iDRAC license can be downloaded from Dell Digital Locker. License keys will be stored online and can be downloaded if needed. If an existing license key in not available in the Dell Digital Locker or there is an issue with a license key, please contact Dell EMC Technical Support or Customer Care.

Managing iDRAC Licenses

iDRAC licenses can be managed on either an individual server basis or through the Dell EMC License Manager which is a one-to-many license and deployment tool.
  • Individual server
    Utilize iDRAC to manage the license for an individual server. iDRAC web interface, License tab can be utilized to import, export licenses or RACADM CLI License command can be utilized to manage licenses as described in the RACADM CLI Guide.
  • Group of servers
    Dell EMC License Manager is a one-to-many license deployment and reporting tool for OpenManage Enterprise Advanced, iDRAC, and CMC licenses. By using License Manager, you can download, bind, deploy, inventory and back up OpenManage Enterprise Advanced Licenses as well as iDRAC, CMC, and storage sled license. This tool can also inventory licensable systems to report the licensing status and features of the currently enabled management controller.

Update to latest iDRAC6 Firmware

iDRAC6 has reached both the End of Sale as of December 2015 and End of Software Maintenance as of December 2018. The last release of iDRAC6 firmware is version Monolithic 2.92 and Modular 3.85.
  • End of Sale Date
    • The last date to purchase a Dell EMC OEM PowerEdge server with iDRAC firmware through Dell EMC.
    • After this date, there are no planned feature release.
    • Security updates and bug fixes will be addressed on a as needed basis.
  • End of Software Maintenance Date
    • The last date for Dell EMC iDRAC Engineering to release any software maintenance releases or bug fixes.
    • After this date, iDRAC Engineering is no longer obligated to maintain or repair the firmware.
    • The planned End of Software Maintenance date is 3 years after the End of Sale date.
  • Hardware versus iDRAC Firmware Support
    • iDRAC hardware is covered under the server hardware contract.
    • Active hardware support contracts will continue to receive hardware support for the life of the contract.
    • iDRAC firmware support is not tied to the hardware support contract.
    • Released iDRAC firmware updates are available regardless of support contract.

Dell EMC recommends keeping your system up to date with the latest iDRAC6 firmware available. This ensures the best performance as well as the latest security updates and bug fixes. iDRAC updates do not require a reboot of the host, allowing for in place updates. The iDRAC6 firmware version for a server model may vary from other server models with iDRAC6. To download the latest iDRAC6 firmware for your system:

  • Navigate to and select the server model or enter the service tag.
  • Select Drivers & Downloads tab
  • Select Category Embedded Server Management
  • Optionally, select the Operating system for your system
  • Download the latest version provide for iDRAC firmware

Resources for iDRAC6


Engage in the Systems Management community to find:

  • Boards to post questions and answers
  • Blogs to read and comment on articles
  • Idea exchanges to improve products and vote for ideas that other community members have posted
  • And more...


Select your iDRAC6 firmware version, then the Documentation tab for the version specific documentation.


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