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Troubleshooting Light Leakage or Light Bleeding on a Dell Monitor

Summary: This article provides information about how to identify and troubleshoot light leakage or backlight bleeding on any Dell Monitor.

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Identifying a light issue with your Monitor

Light leak or backlight bleeding is often noticeable around the edges or the sides of a monitor screen. Especially while it is displaying a dark background or is in a dark environment.

Ideally, light leakage must not be inspected in a dark room. All Dell monitors are inspected as per industry standard with 150-Lux ambient lighting (similar to typical office lighting). However, for gaming monitors, ambient lighting is 70 Lux. Any visual inspection must be done in the same manner to help with the troubleshooting process.

NOTE: This article provides information about common issues that are seen on monitor screens. It is not something specific to a particular Dell computer but is something that can be seen on any monitor screen by any manufacturer.

Before proceeding to the troubleshooting section of this article, you must identify the issue that you are experiencing. Identify the light leak or light bleed issue using the examples below and ensure that this is the correct article for you.

If not, see the links to related information in the section below to find other helpful resources.

These issues can be seen on LCD Monitor screens:

Standard Displays

  • The light leaks from the corners of the monitor screen. (Figure 1)

    Light Leak at the Corners
    Figure 1: Example of a light leaking from the corners.

  • The light leaks from the center of the top and bottom edges of the monitor screen. (Figure 2)

    Light Leak at the Top and Bottom
    Figure 2: Example of a light leak from the center of the top and bottom edges.

  • The entire monitor screen is lit with light from the center of each edge. (Figure 3)

    Light Leak at the Centres
    Figure 3: Example of light leaking from the middle of each side.

  • There are multiple leaks along the bottom edge of the monitor screen. (Figure 4)

    Light Leak at the Bottom

    Figure 4: Example of multiple light leaks along the bottom edge.

Gaming Displays

Some Dell Gaming or Alienware monitors may have some light leakage or backlight bleeding when used in a dark environment. This is NOT specific to Dell Gaming or Alienware monitors but is a common issue that is seen on monitors from any manufacturer. The following is an example of light leakage (Figure 5).

Dell Monitor with Light Leakage

Figure 5: Dell Gaming Monitor - Light Leakage

Dell inspects its gaming monitors for light leakage. It is in an environment with ambient light of 70 Lux according to industry standards (normal ambient light levels in a home are around 150 Lux). If the monitors are used in a dark environment with ambient light less than 70 Lux, some light leakage may be seen.

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To troubleshoot a light leak or light bleed issue with your Dell monitor:

  1. If you change the brightness level of the monitor, does it change what is happening on the screen?

    • If it does, then it could be a settings issue with how you have configured the screen.

    • If it does not, go to the next step.

  2. Check the monitor screen with a bright application (such as Microsoft Office) open, something with a bright background. Do you see the same issue? (take an image that you can use to illustrate what the issue looks like to another person.)

    • If you cannot, it could be an issue with the brightness level in your screen settings.

    • If you can, take an image using your mobile phone and go to the next step.

  3. Compare the screen to other monitors of the same model. Put a similar image on both monitors (preferably not a dark or mostly black image). Is one screen notably worse than the other?

    • If the screens do not show any appreciable difference, then the issue is more likely to be with your perception than any real technical issue.

    • If the screens do show that your screen is appreciably worse than another similar screen, then contact Dell Technical Support. If possible, provide an image of the fault, so that the Dell technician can further assist you.

NOTE: Some light leakage is to be expected when viewing images with dark backgrounds in dark rooms. These monitors are working as designed and are within specifications.

Items that should be returned with a warranty monitor replacement.

A list of Dell Gaming or Alienware monitors can be found here: Dell Gaming Monitor Frequently Asked Questions

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