Dell Command | Update Version 2.0 User's Guide

Removing Settings From A Policy File

Perform the following steps to remove the settings from a policy file:
  1. Open the saved policy.xml file in an XML editor.
  2. Delete the element tag of the setting that has to be removed. For example: <setting name=”scheduledminute”>30</setting>
  3. Save the file as an XML file and place it in the Dell Command | Update installation directory and launch the application.
    • NOTE: Save the policy.xml file in a different location before you use it as, Dell Command | Update loads the policy data and deletes the policy file. You can use the saved policy file for modifying the policy settings.
    • NOTE: It is mandatory to name the file as policy.xml and place it in the installation directory for Dell Command | Update to recognize it as a policy file to be imported.

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