Dell Wyse ThinOS Version 9.1 Migration Guide


Edit BIOS settings


  • If you are using Wyse Management Suite, ensure that you have registered the thin client and synchronize the BIOS admin password. The WDA stores the current BIOS password to unlock the BIOS and apply the required changes. For more information about using the Sync BIOS Admin Password option, see the Dell Wyse Management Suite v2.1 Administrator's Guide at
  • If you are using the Admin Policy Tool, ensure that you enter the current BIOS admin password in the Advanced > BIOS section.


  1. Open the Admin Policy Tool on the thin client or go to the ThinOS 9.x policy settings on Wyse Management Suite.
  2. In the Configuration Control | ThinOS window, click the Advanced tab.
  3. Expand BIOS and select your preferred platform.
  4. In the System Configuration section, modify the USB ports and audio settings.
  5. In the Security section, modify the administrator-related configurations.
  6. In the Power Management section, modify the power-saving options.
  7. In the POST Behavior section, enable or disable the MAC Address Pass-Through feature. This option is applicable only to the Wyse 5470 Thin Client.
  8. Click Save & Publish.
    NOTE If the BIOS does not have a password and if you are setting a new password, then the password is applied after the first reboot. Other setting changes are applied after the second reboot.

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