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intel-core 10th gen

Laptop Latitude E6320

Sólida en la oficina. Duradera en los viajes

Ya sea que esté en la oficina o vaya de viaje, la Dell™ Latitude™ E6320 está lista para ir con usted. Esta laptop está diseñada para la nueva clase empresarial móvil con la durabilidad reforzada, la productividad, la seguridad y la práctica manejabilidad que espera de las laptops de la familia Latitude E.

  • Windows 7 Professional
  • Liviana y con un rendimiento total dondequiera que vaya, con durabilidad según el estándar MIL-STD810G y pantalla LED de alta definición de 13,3"
  • Con una carcasa resistente y totalmente blindada de forma elegante fabricada con Tri-Metal™ y una base pintada al polvo.
  • Teclado iluminado, mayor duración de la batería y opciones de compartimiento de medios para una productividad insuperable.
Laptop Latitude E6320
Tarjeta de video
  • Intel® HD Graphics 3000
  • Pantalla LED antirreflejo de alta definición de 13,3" (1366 x 768)
Unidad óptica

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Características y diseño

Latitude E6320 Laptop
Ready for work
Windows 7 Professional

Whether you’re in the office or on the road, the Dell Latitude™ E6320 laptop is ready to move with you. With its 13.3" HD LED display and its Intel® Core™ processors, the Latitude E6320 delivers lightweight yet full-performing productivity.

Ready for whatever your work might dish out, this business-rugged laptop is stylishly armored top to bottom with a hard-wearing MIL-STD 810G tested Tri-Metal™ casing, a highly durable anodized aluminum display back, a tough powder-coated base and reinforced steel hinges. On the inside, the Latitude E6320 is equipped with a spill-resistant keyboard, a protective LCD seal and a 360-degree bumper for added screen protection that can outlast the bumps and spills of everyday work.

You can enjoy outstanding productivity while in flight or in low-light settings with the optional backlit* keyboard along with a variety of battery options and swappable media module options, including optical drives, hard drive, USB 3.0 and battery media modules, that help to keep productivity in full swing.

As a member of the Latitude E-Family, the E6320 provides go-anywhere productivity, confident security and efficient manageability in a durable design that’s built to last — all that you’ve come to expect from the Latitude E-Family.
Dell Latitude E6320 Laptop - Design that
Design that’s built to last
Doing business today means working anytime, anywhere. You need a laptop to keep up with your work style. Latitude E-Family laptops combine world-class design with durability to perform, wherever business takes you.
  • Get protection from extreme temperatures, vibration, dust and high altitudes with select MIL-STD 810G tested laptops.
  • Look sharp while working hard, thanks to the Dell Tri-Metal™ design with an anodized brushed aluminum finish and reinforced magnesium alloy wrapped corners.
  • Worry less about making a mess with the spill-resistant keyboard and LCD protective seal that helps to form a barrier around your LCD panel when closed.
  • Appreciate the fine details, from strong steel hinges and zinc alloy display latch to the durable powder-coated underside that helps guard against nicks and scratches.
Dell Latitude E6320 Laptop — Go-anywhere productivity
Go anywhere productivity
Get long-lasting power and performance to make your job easier, whether you are in the office or on the road. Latitude™ E-Family laptops are built with your business in mind, offering great features to help increase productivity.
  • Windows® 7 Professional
  • Stay productive with long battery life options and 3- and 6-cell ExpressCharge™, 80 percent recharge in an hour, battery options.
  • Multitask at the speed of business with Intel® Core™ processor options, high-bandwidth DDR3 memory and Intel® UMA graphics.
  • Communicate effectively worldwide with built-in webcam, array microphones and a high-performing antenna for ideal mobile broadband connections.
  • Work in your comfort zone with 180-degree LCD movement and optional backlit keyboard for low-light environments.
Dell Latitude E6320 Laptop - Confident security
Confident security
Know your data is secure with Dell’s Data Protection Encryption and encrypted hard drive options.
Dell Latitude E6320 Laptop - Management made easy
Management made easy
Manage and maintain your fleet of Latitude E-Family laptops with ease from planning and deploying to ongoing maintenance and support.
  • Confidently plan future product roll-outs with Dell Latitude’s long life cycles, transitions and ImageWatch™ advance look at software and hardware changes.
  • Easily customize select Latitude laptops with hard drive, battery, optical drives and USB 3.0 media modules.
  • Upgrade or service key components conveniently via one single access door.
  • Save time and money with Dell KACE™ easy to use systems management appliances.
  • Know you have a partner with Dell for maintaining and supporting your systems with a wide range of customizable and globally focused service and support options.

Controladores, manuales y soporte

Soporte de productos
Soporte de productos
Desde los controladores y los manuales hasta las herramientas de diagnóstico y las piezas de repuesto, el soporte de productos Dell lo mantiene protegido.

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